Even B2B companies that only sell offline should adopt SEO practices

Some B2B companies do not see the value in search engine marketing because they only close a few deals per year and rely heavily on nurturing. However, these companies can still benefit from search engine optimization, analytics and conversion optimization, according to an article for Search Engine Land.

Even if organizations do not need to drive a great deal of traffic to their websites, SEO can help them maintain a functional site with a noticeable brand identity. SEO can improve user experience, even for returning customers by adding branded search terms to title tags. Any updates to the website have an impact on SEO results, so this should always be a consideration when performing any site maintenance.

Because SEO and site maintenance influence each other, conducting an SEO refresh can improve usability of the website. Eliminating issues such as broken links, faulty redirects, slow page loading speeds and broken images is important even if the company does not sell products online.

Benefits of SEO for B2B companies

Although many B2B firms are resistant to SEO, it acts as a primary source of Internet lead generation for some organization. SEO has been found to be more effective than social media, Business 2 Community stated.

Despite what many marketing teams may think, SEO does not require advanced programming knowledge. In fact, content sources, such as blogs, can drive traffic to the site. Content has a major impact on the visibility of a site.

Even for companies that aren’t looking to attract a significant amount of Web traffic, conversion optimization is important. This can make a huge impact on user experience by making the site easier to navigate, Search Engine Journal said. Usability testing helps companies determine how people interact with the site and identify pages that may have issues.