Automating Agency Retainer Payments

Many marketing agencies offer retainers for their clients to perform consistent work on their accounts.

Most agencies offer month-to-month retainers. These are run at a fixed price ($1000-$7000/month are typical for small-medium sized agencies), and the agencies perform a set of services for the clients. Sometimes the retainers are “spent” using agency billable hours, while some agencies opt to disconnect their retainers from hours.

ActiveDEMAND has now made it easier for agencies to automatically charge clients recurring fees using the platform. This is useful for marketing agencies, but it’s also great for companies that need to perform recurring charges with their customers.

The long and short of it:

  • ActiveDEMAND Corporate Marketer package required
  • Setup products & recurring pricing in ActiveDEMAND for each package
  • Client payments go through your Stripe account

Want to set up automatic recurring payments on your account? Book a support session and we’ll show you how.