Automatic Zoom Meetings in ActiveDEMAND

Zoom is rapidly becoming the most popular business video conferencing platform. With a free personal version that makes it easy to test functionality, very affordable team plans, and fun features like the ability to change out your background so it looks like you’re at the beach instead of stuck in your house, it’s easy to see why it’s popular.

Members of our team using Zoom to meet face-to-face during the Coronvirus pandemic.

1. Automatic Zoom Meetings

ActiveDEMAND’s appointment scheduler is a powerful way to enable prospects and customers to self-book meetings. With Zoom integration, ActiveDEMAND customers can now choose to automatically:

  • Make meetings into a Zoom conferencing meeting
  • Send along meeting details to attendees and meeting organizers

You Choose Which Meetings get Zoom

You have the flexibility to choose which meetings get Zoom and which are phone or in-person using workflow logic and automation.

Different companies will use different rules for which meetings get Zoom. For example:

  • Some companies use the form on the appointment booker to check whether it needs to include Zoom. For example, if the prospect selects that they want a demonstration.
  • Some companies select whether it’s a Zoom meeting based on the person. Some users prefer old fashioned calls and aren’t ready for video conferencing.

Zoom into your Next Demo

If you use Zoom to showcase your product or platform via demos, ActiveDEMAND is excellent at managing and automating much of the administration around demos.

Want to start using Zoom with ActiveDEMAND now? Check out this support article on integrating Zoom with ActiveDEMAND.