Attachments in Email

ActiveDEMAND has long had the capability to host files and even gate files inside the platform. Using encoded links to those files allows marketers to see when prospects and customers click the files: giving an important bit of feedback. But sometimes attaching a file to an email is more convenient for the end-user, and the marketers might not care about stats on whether files are being opened. For those circumstances, you can now attach files directly to an ActiveDEMAND email.

Each file is limited to 5MB. You can add multiple attachments. Adding multiple large attachments increases the risk that your emails will end up in spam, so use a tracked link if the document you’re trying to send is large.

There are a couple of interesting use cases for this because of ActiveDEMAND’s powerful campaign and workflow logic. For example, if you wanted to use coupons to track sales to advertising sources, you could choose which coupon to attach and send based on the visitor’s source like this: