How Agencies Can Take Advantage of Marketing Automation

Most marketing agencies have heard of marketing automation and know roughly what it can do, but just haven’t got around to using it yet. It’s too bad because businesses that have deployed marketing automation say that it:

  • Improved User Experience and Communication Relevance (59%)
  • Executed Higher conversion rates (57%)
  • Produced Better Quality Leads (55%)
  • Generated More Leads (54%)

Source: Communicator and SmartInsights “Managing B2B Marketing Automation” So there are some big advantages to deploying marketing automation. Most agencies out there would have happier customers that got better results out of their marketing. But what’s holding agencies back from deploying it? Most agencies lack the expertise and people to do the work. Most common reasons why agencies are not using marketing automation

  • Lack of expertise and know-how (55.6 %)
  • Lack of human resources (48.1 %)

Liana Technologies “The Benefits and Challenges of Marketing Automation”

The QuickStart Plan: We Set it Up For You

For agencies who see the value but don’t have the time to ramp up internal resources on marketing automation, we’ve got an accelerated option for you. For a low fixed price, we’ll set up the account and then hand the keys over to you. You’ll get an account that:

  • Has enhanced attribution that better tracks where leads come from
  • Is ready to send out emails that are branded appropriately
  • Has an appointment scheduler setup
  • Is linked up with social media

With this accelerated client account setup, you’ll be able to give a marketing coordinator or digital marketing specialist a login and they’ll be able to immediately start sending emails and scheduling social posts for the client. You’ll get more accurate reports on results, which your clients will love. And best of all, you don’t need to ramp up your people on working on CNAME records and other technical mumbo jumbo. If you want to start deploying ActiveDEMAND on your own and you think you’re ready, we’re happy to show you FOR FREE. For those that want the shortcut to use marketing automation today, click here to check out the details on our Basic Client Account Setup and Attribution-Only Setup Packages here.