Adding Calendar Items to Campaigns and Workflows

Many professionals use their Google or Office365 calendar to organize their days and tasks, blocking out spots in their day to work on specific tasks and leaving the rest available for meetings. ActiveDEMAND has appointment scheduling integrated with those calendars, but now it also has both a Calendar item that can be added in a campaign, as well as a calendar item that can be added by a workflow.

Calendar items in a campaign

Part of the power of ActiveDEMAND is the ability to build templates and automating many aspects of otherwise cumbersome and complex marketing campaigns. As an example, a template webinar campaign for us includes:

  • Social media posts
  • Emails to invite
  • Registration form and landing page that integrates with GoToWebinar
  • Reminders to those who registered

Now, all of these actions are wrapped up in a single webinar campaign: all we need to do is tweak the campaign creative, dates, and content and we’re done. With ActiveDEMAND’s new campaign calendar items, we’ll also be able to add:

  • A meeting item for the actual webinar time so we can book the speakers
  • A meeting item to remind the speaker of the date their slides should be complete
  • A meeting item to get both speakers to meet and compare their slides

Companies that perform lots of marketing events will find the calendar items handy because it covers another part of the event and makes it easier to follow the best “recipe” more consistently. Calendar items can also be used as reminders for marketing to meet/approve, or perform other milestone tasks related to campaigns.

Calendar items in a workflow

While we were at it, we also added a Calendar action item for workflows. This enables ActiveDEMAND customers to add calendar-booking items into lead processing and autoresponder workflows. These calendar items can include contact details like name, email, phone number, etc. With these calendar items, we can better integrate automation and manual work done by people.