Major Update to ActiveDEMAND Brand Management

ActiveDEMAND has a new brand system that makes it even easier to re-brand accounts and run multiple brands under corporate marketer accounts. While the previous version helped multi-location marketers and marketing agencies market for multiple clients, the new version has more flexibility to match client-specified brand elements. We have significantly expanded the brand style options, fonts (including Google font support), and custom brand attributes to make brand book implementation easy.

Why use Brands?

“Brands” are assets in ActiveDEMAND that enable marketers to apply a logo, fonts, and styles to assets like landing pages, emails, appointment schedulers, and more. For marketers who have multiple clients, products, locations, or communities that they market for, this makes it easy to deploy branded marketing.

  • Duplicate landing pages between accounts and apply the brand, no other customization is needed
  • Clone complete drip campaigns to a new account and have it match the look and feel of the website
  • Update brand assets once and have those changes updated in many places

How can I use the New Brand system?

The new brand system is enabled by default for new accounts. For existing clients, you’ll need to select the “Use Advanced Brand Settings” under your Brand Attributes settings.

**CAUTION** We strongly recommend current/old accounts use extreme caution when enabling this feature as this impacts all assets in your accounts. ****

How It Works

Without bringing all the technicality of how the developers have set this up – think of it like a base CSS file for an entire account that sets up the styling for all elements. Or if HTML/CSS isn’t your thing, think of it as configuring a theme in WordPress. The theme determines a default style or brand of how the elements should appear. Neat right?

The default brand can be overridden when working in ActiveDEMAND’s editors. If, for example, you are creating an email but want to change the CTA button color, this can be done in the editor.

Expanded Branding

You will notice when looking at the brand editor that we have added several new style elements significantly extending your branding ability from H tags, font size, buttons, and more. Additionally, we now have native support for Google fonts which gives even more flexibility to your design capabilities.

If you haven’t taken a look recently at your brand editor in ActiveDEMAND, now is a perfect time for a refresh. You can find it under the Assets menu item.

expanded brand styles

Further Reading on ActiveDEMAND’s Brand System