Softphone Becomes Intuitive New Capability in ActiveDEMAND Integrated Marketing Automation Platform

Ongoing commitment to providing complete call tracking solutions for digital marketing agencies and businesses now includes enabling users to make phone calls from their computer.

JumpDEMAND, the corporate entity behind the industry-leading integrated marketing platform ActiveDEMAND that has been adopted by marketing agencies, small businesses and corporate marketers alike, announced the new Softphone capability for the ActiveDEMAND platform. Enabling ActiveDEMAND users to make phone calls from their computer, the Softphone capability has been introduced as part of JumpDEMAND’s ongoing commitment to provide a complete call tracking solution for digital marketing agencies and businesses.

“The ActiveDEMAND Softphone is designed for sales organizations, marketers business owners and organizations that invest resources into the lead generation process,” says Brian Neufeld, CMO of JumpDEMAND. “Digital marketing agencies can offer the ActiveDEMAND Softphone as added value to their clients, with best-in-class agencies not just delivering leads in this way… but helping their clients turn the leads into sales.”

In addition to phone call-computer integration, the ActiveDEMAND Softphone offers several additional benefits including sales performance management, reduced expense, product management, additional lead conversion and the way in which it brings a company together. While call tracking provides comprehensive reporting for incoming phone calls, a Softphone application provides the same type of analysis for outgoing calls. Sales managers can now easily see outgoing call volume on a per-salesperson basis and dive deep into the aspects of these outgoing calls by reviewing call recordings at the click of a button, skimming transcripts or using JumpDEMAND’s CallForensics™ to analyze conversations.

For overseas calling, a Softphone provides a much less-expensive alternative compared to traditional landlines or mobile phones in that Internet bandwidth is used instead of the telephone network; in this way and depending on call volume, significant cost savings can be realized. Further, product managers can keep tabs on the marketing of their products so that when a salesperson makes an outgoing call, ActiveDEMAND “listens” for keywords and creates alerts. Now, product managers can gauge how salespeople are engaging with their product.

Additionally, the new Softphone capability in ActiveDEMAND makes it easy to correlate the time between a generated lead and the follow-up phone call, so sales managers can easily see the time it takes for follow-up and work towards continuous improvement.

“We’ve made the Softphone aspect of ActiveDEMAND so intuitive, it even brings a company together,” concludes Neufeld. “With an ActiveDEMAND Softphone, employees that work remotely or travel regularly can easily make outgoing calls while maintaining that unified image; calls can even appear to be made from a corporate office if the salesperson happens to be in a hotel room.”

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About ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built by JumpDEMAND for digital marketing agencies to help them easily create, execute and track the performance of marketing campaigns for their clients. ActiveDEMAND provides built-in campaign, email, landing page and other templates leaving the agency to simply configure campaigns. Other complete marketing automation platforms are priced outside the budgets of marketing agencies, but not ActiveDEMAND — the platform is built and priced for online marketing agencies to help them market effectively and grow their business.