Schedule and Automate Booking Appointments in Your Calendar

A new addition to the leading integrated marketing platform goes beyond advanced features of appointment scheduling software with full automation control, email engagement tracking, and more.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – July 12, 2016 – ActiveDEMAND, an integrated marketing platform created and conceptualized by Canada-based parent company JumpDEMAND to help digital marketing agencies create, execute and track the performance of clients’ campaigns, now offers an integrated appointment scheduling feature, allowing marketing automation tools to do the administrative tasks associated with scheduling and keeping appointments. As an integrated feature of ActiveDEMAND, this approach goes beyond the advanced features of appointment scheduling software by providing full automation control, email engagement tracking, and full SMS/robocall reminders via ActiveDEMAND’s workflow builder.

Additionally, other marketing tasks can be “kicked off” through the use of this new feature, including automatically creating new contacts from booked appointments, providing legal notifications to sales departments, or updating accounts with support information.

“Meeting with partners and prospects is critical to business success,” says Sean Leonard, CEO of JumpDEMAND“Getting the meetings scheduled and people to the meetings is the first step – but even more important is doing all that can be done to make sure they show up. ActiveDEMAND’s integrated appointment scheduling leverages the power of the marketing platform, providing complete control over the scheduling landing page and branding, as well as SMS/text/robocall and email reminders that include engagement tracking to ensure the proper parties received the message or opened the email.”

What’s more, ActiveDEMAND’s integrated appointment scheduling allows users to control how meetings are scheduled and their availability, both by initiating global settings and by linking to a business calendar, while controlling meeting length and spacing. A full workflow editor available with ActiveDEMAND builds the timing of the responses, reminders, and follow-ups, and integrates with Google Calendar while offering full white-label-ready characteristics.

“Through the power of ActiveDEMAND and its integrated appointment scheduling software feature set, marketers can provide a consistently branded experience,  from marketing campaigns right through to the final sales presentation, that is fully tracked and automated.” concludes Leonard.

About ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built for digital marketing agencies to help them easily create, execute and track the performance of marketing campaigns for their clients, providing built-in landing pages, email, campaigns, and other templates. This allows agencies to concentrate on what they do best: Configuring powerful marketing campaigns. Other complete marketing automation platforms are priced outside the budgets of most marketing agencies, but not ActiveDEMAND – the platform is built and priced for online marketing agencies to help them market effectively and grow their business.

More information about ActiveDEMAND can be obtained by calling (844) 334-5635 or visiting