ActiveDEMAND Now Enabling Marketers To Analyze Campaign Call Tracking Metrics Within Google Analytics

Integrated marketing automation platform evolves to empower businesses to manage multiple call tracking campaigns from one account.

ActiveDEMAND (, an integrated marketing automation platform that has proven to make marketing more streamlined for agencies and small businesses, has announced its Call Tracking product which enables marketers to analyze their campaigns’ call tracking metrics within Google Analytics. Being geared towards any sized business, ActiveDEMAND’s Call Tracking software now empowers businesses to manage multiple call tracking campaigns from one account, thus allowing them to not just track incoming phone calls but to also “get their phones ringing.”

“Incoming telephone calls generated by marketing campaigns is a significant metric, and not a lot of marketers track it,” explains Brian Neufeld, CMO of parent corporation JumpDEMAND. “With ActiveDEMAND, we make it simple. There’s no question that Google Analytics is the most popular analytics tool, being free and very powerful, but at a simple level it’s only as good as the data it collects; the data that isn’t collected automatically by this Google platform are telephone calls. These can be calls associated with a specific marketing campaign such as a direct mail initiative, outdoor advertising or a website contact page, but can also include outgoing calls made by sales teams.

“To evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing initiative, it’s important to include call tracking information.”

Through ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking, combining tracking of calls with Google Analytics is inherently easy. After creating a free ActiveDEMAND account, users search for a local or toll-free telephone number and select the one they want to use. From there, they enter the number they want their new tracked number to be forwarded to when someone calls, finally culminating in the addition of their Google Analytics UTM data including the name of their marketing campaign and source medium.

“All that’s left to do, at that point, is for the user to include the tracked number within his or her marketing campaign on the website, direct mail initiative or anywhere desired,” concludes Neufeld. “When the number is called, data is automatically recorded in Google Analytics. The Google Analytics account can be visited in order to view campaign data for a complete analysis.”

Beyond call tracking, ActiveDEMAND represents an integrated marketing automation platform designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Yet unlike other call tracking solutions, ActiveDEMAND provides a full suite of online marketing tools to help marketing initiatives gain traction – combining call tracking with online marketing tools is just one such way this powerful fusion is helping to grow businesses.

About ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built for marketing agencies and SMBs to help them easily create, execute and track the performance of marketing campaigns. ActiveDEMAND provides built in campaign, email, landing page and other templates leaving the user to simply configure campaigns. Other complete marketing automation platforms are priced outside the budgets of agencies and SMBs. Not ActiveDEMAND. The platform is built and priced for marketing agencies and SMBs to help them market effectively and grow their business.