ActiveDEMAND Integrates with Sherpa

Focused on the senior living industry, Sherpa is a CRM that’s built specifically to help prospects and influencers navigate choosing a new senior care living facility. ActiveDEMAND and Sherpa now offer native integration between the two systems so you can better integrate sales and marketing.

Why the Partnership?

“Sherpa and ActiveDEMAND are a natural fit, not only in the deep integrations between the sales and marketing technology platforms but also the client-focused attitude of both companies share,” says Sean Leonard, CEO of ActiveDEMAND. “Sherpa is focused on enabling senior living sales counselors to provide the best guidance possible for their prospects. The ActiveDEMAND platform supplies Sherpa with important prospects insights, facilitates personalized engagement, and empowers counselors with the tools and information they need to help clients make the choices that are best for them.”

“Because both companies have a customer-centric focus, there is a high level of sales and marketing alignment through this integration that not only provides our sales consultants with key prospect insights, it also gives them the tools to ensure that each customer receives the level of communication engagement they need.” Alex Fisher, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Sherpa.

What do you Get with ActiveDEMAND and Sherpa?

  • Additional sales enablement tools from ActiveDEMAND such as:
    • Call completion automation
    • Nurture prospects who aren’t ready for sales just yet: salespeople can add prospects to high-performing nurture campaigns with the click of a mouse
  • Gives salespeople added prospect insights directly in Sherpa CRM. Now Sherpa users have better information on their current prospects’ web activity
  • Better attribution for marketing: understand what marketing drives new move-ins
  • A marketing automation platform that works well for operators who have multiple facilities

Already have Sherpa CRM and want to integrate ActiveDEMAND? Check out our “Integrating Sherpa CRM with ActiveDEMAND” support article.