ActiveDEMAND and PieSync Partnership a Powerful Integration of Marketing Automation and Real-Time Syncing in the Cloud

ActiveDEMAND and PieSync Connector Makes It Even Easier to Sync your ActiveDEMAND Contacts, Bi-Directionally and in Real-Time, with your Favorite Cloud Apps.

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built for digital marketing agencies to easily create, execute, and track the performance of marketing campaigns for their clients. Now, ActiveDEMAND is even more versatile with two-way, real-time synchronization via PieSync’s 80+ third-party connections– like popular CRM packages, contact management apps, customer service platforms and more.

In addition to the ActiveDEMAND platform’s native integration, the PieSync connection provides digital marketing agencies and businesses, more connectivity options.

“Our newest integration offering with PieSync means ActiveDEMAND has seamless real-time information synchronization with even more value-added systems such as Google Contacts, Microsoft Office 365 Outlook, Freshbooks, Groove, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Shopify, Zendesk and more,” says Sean Leonard, ActiveDEMAND CEO.

“The native integration with ActiveDEMAND gives users a simple, robust way to keep their sales, marketing, and other business platforms aligned,” said Ewout Meyns, PieSync CEO. “B2B and B2C business owners use multiple applications and it is a struggle to keep customer contact data consistent between them. PieSync overcomes this issue with intelligent two-way syncing to synchronize contact history between apps.”

“Marketing agencies and marketers want to concentrate on marketing planning and execution. They have more important things to focus on than integrating with applications their clients or company use,” said Leonard. “With PieSync and ActiveDEMAND taking care of repetitive data synchronization tasks, businesses and agencies can focus on other matters that demand their attention.”

To see this powerful integration in action visit the ActiveDEMAND integrations page and view the full list of PieSync connections currently available for ActiveDEMAND.

About ActiveDEMAND

Based in Canada with a primary office in Calgary, Alberta — and boasting clients hailing from all over the world — ActiveDEMAND is the company behind the highly successful ActiveDEMAND marketing automation platform. ActiveDEMAND started as a digital marketing agency with a vision: build a modern toolset for the multi-client marketer. Since ActiveDEMAND’s beginnings, the founders have constructed a plethora of tools and systems to not only effectively market products and services, but to bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

About PieSync

PieSync is the fastest growing two-way contact data synchronization platform for organizations that want to power their business by integrating their cloud apps. PieSync improves sales, marketing and service performance by easily, affordably and intelligently connecting contact data without complexity across SaaS-based ecosystems and applications to guarantee relevance and reliability, every time. PieSync connects over 80 applications with new ones added every week and supports customers with greater than 20 employees across many industries. PieSync is headquartered in Ghent, Belgium. For more information on PieSync and the ActiveDEMAND connector visit