A/B Testing on Landing Pages with ActiveDEMAND

It’s no secret, we love testing and analysis in marketing. Digital, in particular, offers so many ways to test messaging, design, tone, and pitches, your imagination is really the limiting factor in what you can test for. If there’s enough volume to be statistically significant, we want to do A/B testing so we can learn how to better market to customers. When you stack these learning opportunities up, you learn faster than your competitors and leave them behind in the dust.

So long as you have enough traffic to your site to be meaningful, testing landing pages is super informative. ActiveDEMAND offers a simple page-based way of doing A/B testing on landing pages.

For your first landing page A/B test, we’d recommend starting with a landing page that can collect 100 conversions in a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise, it might take too long to get significant results. No one wants to wait 6 months to figure out if a new design is good or not.

We also recommend a big, hairy, audacious test. Don’t test the color of a CTA button when you’re just getting started, test big changes: does short-form content work, or is a big long 20-page monster work for your prospects? Do prospects care about the cost or the ease of use as a heading? Is that video featuring the boss’ dog really necessary for conversion? Test BIG ideas first before finely tuning your landing pages.

The Secret of Landing Page Testing

The big secret of testing on landing pages is that you can use these tests to kill bad ideas. What if you have a client that really does want a full-screen video for a homepage and they can’t be dissuaded even though you think it’s a horrible idea for their marketplace? No need to fire them and find another client, educate them using the science behind A/B testing pages on your website. Often clients think they know everything there is to know about marketing and want to express their creativity in their marketing. Coming together on marketing test results can get you closer to your clients and make them better clients overall. And sometimes, you might learn something from your clients about how effective marketing works in their world.