How To Target Branded Facebook Content

Guest Post Provided by Ilan Nass of in New York

According to Pew Research, an incredible 68 percent of Americans are Facebook users, making it an incredibly useful marketing platform. By taking steps to direct your advertising campaigns at specific segments of your target audience, you can get your business in front of your most motivated customers.

If you’re just starting out, partnering with a Facebook advertising specialist can help you learn to leverage the social media platform to its greatest advantage. These are 5 of the most effective methods of connecting with the right people.

  1. Use Life Events to Your Advantage

Depending on your business, you may benefit from serving ads to people who have recently experienced a given life event. Service providers, like wedding photographers, funeral home operators, and movers, can use Facebook to find the audiences likely to be most interested.

While conventional ads cannot be targeted in the same way, Facebook allows you to direct ads toward those who had a life event occur at a given time, including the intervals of 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. This is a great way to generate extremely high-quality leads.

  1. Target a Specific Audience

Since Facebook allows you to tailor ads based on a large number of parameters, you can create extremely specific groups to which you can direct your marketing campaign. For example, this can be combined with the life events filter, allowing you to target unique ads to different groups.

Ads can even be targeted based on information on purchases, interests, net worth, and household composition. This gives you the ability to reach out to the demographics and types of consumers most likely to be interested in your product or service.

  1. Use Custom Audiences to Your Advantage

Custom Audiences is a feature designed for expert marketers who want to use Facebook to reach out to pre-existing contacts. This is an especially valuable tool since it can lead to brand loyalty and increased numbers of repeat customers.

By uploading a list of phone numbers or emails that are already associated with your business, you can generate a Custom Audience. Again, this can be further narrowed down using the other parameters Facebook offers, including life events, demographics, and interests.

  1. Follow Your Custom Audience with a Lookalike Audience

Once you’ve created a Custom Audience, you can use the Lookalike Audience feature to generate another group based on their similarity to your existing audience. Facebook will automatically identify certain unifying characteristics of your audience and use them to help you find other users who may be equally interested in what you have to offer.

  1. Analyze Purchasing Behavior

For marketers, one of Facebook’s key benefits is its ability to target ads based on which users have made certain purchases. It will tell you how many users fall into each group, allowing you to target your ads to different sized segments depending on your needs.

With so many powerful tools at your disposal, you can use Facebook’s marketing tools to create a unique marketing approach that targets the right groups of people. Its flexible, simple tools are one of the main reasons 96% of social media marketers claim that Facebook delivers a better ROI than other social media platforms.