4 Tips to Scale Marketing across Multiple Senior Living Community Locations

The path to connecting with prospective residents and family members is paved with diverse channels. The challenge of uniform scaling across multiple locations adds a layer of complexity. The investment to secure a single tour can be immense, and the misfiring of those efforts carries a hefty toll when applied to hundreds of tours over the course of a year across all your locations. 

Let’s explore 4 common challenges operators and executives like you face in marketing effort and outcome uniformity across all locations along with the corresponding tips for solving each.

multi-channel marketingTip #1

Problem: In senior living marketing, tracking leads and attributing them accurately to their sources can be perplexing and overwhelming. Understanding which campaigns or channels generate leads and keywords that drive results is critical to achieving growth and scaling objectives; however, disparate systems handling appointment bookings, form submissions, and phone call tracking separately can make a real jumble of things.

Solution: Visualize the performance of multi-channel marketing initiatives. Marketing automation allows you to unify appointment bookings, form submissions, and call tracking within a centralized system. Ask your marketing automation provider about training for your team on streamlined data integration, wherein you can all gain insights into the origin of your leads and the impact of various campaigns. This holistic approach enables you to pinpoint the effectiveness of your efforts and optimize marketing strategies, ultimately simplifying the complex web of senior living marketing analytics.

Tip #2

Problem: There are many parts and pieces to the senior living marketing mix: mapping out content, checking for email opens and clicks, monitoring website visits, and tracking whether a particular future resident attended the tour. “They booked it. Did they attend it?” These little questions on the marketing and sales team can undermine efforts, energy, and momentum over time. 

Solution: Create marketing funnels. Lean on your marketing automation provider to support your team in building structured pathways that align with each stage of the senior living journey. Have your team trained to track with clarity all interactions, engagements, and progression through the entire pipeline, top to bottom. Automation can also proactively remind the sales team to take the right action at key stages throughout the buyer journey. This empowers your whole team to visualize the entire journey, from initial interest to residency, enabling informed decision-making about how best to guide potential residents through the process.

With ActiveDEMAND’s FunnelBuilder you can see which channels bring in the most leads and with FunnelAnalytics you can interact with the data!

Tip #3

Problem: Duplicates and inconsistencies can plague senior living marketing efforts when data isn’t centralized, particularly when managing multiple locations. Double-counted interactions like appointment bookings and submitted inquiry forms can distort insights. This data clutter diminishes the accuracy of your platforms, potentially leading to misguided resource allocation.

scale marketing across locations

Solution: Collaborate with executive directors through your marketing automation software – all while preserving quality assurance across all locations. By fostering cross-functional collaboration and integrating efforts with quality checks, you ensure a unified and clear approach. This prevents data redundancy and enhances the accuracy of your marketing endeavors, ensuring that resources are directed toward the right channels for maximum impact.

Tip #4

Marketing Automation for Senior CareProblem: Anonymous tracking can hide poor performance. While some marketing channels may be great at generating leads, it may be the case that none of those leads turned into a tour or move-in. Google Analytics may show your team that a lead entered the sales funnel in March from a Google ads campaign, but it won’t reveal who that lead was, what action they took on the website, or in what levels of care or location they are most interested. That’s a whole lot of missing insight. 

Solution: First, strip out anonymity by automating customer journeys across the entire landscape. Begin with the end in mind. Want prospects to move in? And before that, tour? Tee up downloadable content on the website such as Your Comprehensive Handbook to Moving into Senior Living or A Complete Guide to What to Ask on a Senior Living Community Tour or something like our example, Marketing Automation for Senior Care by ActiveDEMAND. Valuable downloadable assets guide potential residents along the journey and support your team in capturing valuable lead details like name, phone number, email address, level-of-care interest, and location interest, thereby allowing your team to tailor future campaigns to those individuals.

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Optimized use of the right marketing automation solution across all your properties provides a clear roadmap to clarify and amp up your marketing strategies, maximizing occupancies, growth, and scalability.

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