What Small Businesses Can Do with PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals is an easy-to-use SaaS CRM that’s perfect for construction, Logistics & Transportation, Manufacturing, and more. Because it’s in the cloud, it’s easy for salespeople to stay organized and work on the road or for sales managers to check-in and see how things are going from a conference. ActiveDEMAND offers native integration with PipelineDeals and using it, you can supercharge PipelineDeals to be even better.

1. Give Sales More Insights on the Prospect

Well-prepared salespeople research their clients so they have a good idea about what questions to ask and which products to recommend. These days, our marketing automation systems work with our CRMs to enhance them with additional prospect insights. ActiveDEMAND can notify salespeople that their prospects are visiting the website or opening sales emails, and help salespeople piece together all the actions taken by various employees at a specific organization.

2. Automatically Log Phone Calls to PipelineDeals

Phone Call Tracking Automation

Ever been on a call with a vendor and heard them click-clacking on their keyboard in the background? Ever taken notes in a call, but missed a critical piece of information? Using the Chrome extension from ActiveDEMAND, you can make client calls right from within the PipelineDeals interface, record them, have them transcribed using ActiveDEMAND’s Call Forensics, and upload the transcription to PipelineDeals. Now you can focus on the client during your sales calls, instead of focusing on madly taking notes as fast as possible.

3. Give Marketing Feedback About Which Leads are Closing

Most of the time, marketing is left in the dark about what happens to sales leads after they get passed on to sales. It’s a crime because most marketers want to do better marketing, but they need reliable feedback from sales on lead quality. By connecting deal stages between PipelineDeals and ActiveDEMAND, you close the sales-marketing loop. Now marketing knows which marketing channels are delivering the gold and which channels are bringing tire-kickers.

4. Survey Customers After the Sale

Getting consistent customer satisfaction feedback that you can trend is critical for most businesses. If you think about it, many of the roles in your organization are supposed to work to make the customers happier, but where’s that happiness data coming from? Consistently surveying customers after the sale is made and after milestones is a great way to get good customer feedback when it’s fresh in their minds.

Times to survey customer satisfaction

  • Right after the sale
  • Right after the product/service is delivered
  • Once per year/quarter on their purchase anniversary

Be careful not to survey customers at sensitive times, and look to add in encouragement for reviews for customers who really love you.

PipelineDeals + ActiveDEMAND = Sales & Marketing Powerhouse

As you can see there are places in each stage of the sales funnel to integrate with marketing and ActiveDEMAND’s marketing automation platform. These integrations help sales sell to more customers, help sales become more efficient, help marketing deliver better leads to sales, and help keep track of customer satisfaction after the sale. Together, PipelineDeals and ActiveDEMAND truly are a sales & marketing powerhouse.