4 Features to Look for in Account-Based Management Software

To take account-based marketing to the next level, a strong account-based management software is essential. However, choosing between the available platforms offering a myriad of features can be daunting. To help pinpoint which software is best for your company, here are some options to consider.

1. Advanced Personalization

It’s not enough to personalize emails and websites with the prospect’s or company’s name. Now it’s essential to track the activities and actions of all leads. Personalization of the content, the marketing message, and the channel speaks directly to each prospect and addresses each prospect’s needs specifically.

2. Account Based Analytics

In addition to personalization, ABM software must include data-rich analytics and reporting provided by tracking customer actions. The most robust software tracks through multiple channels (website, social media, email, blog, etc.) and provides data and reports to prove which campaigns are working.

Connect the analytics with sales numbers via a CRM to further provide data and improve marketing strategy. A platform providing robust and detailed data is best but click-throughs, time spent on page, phone calls, and date/day/time of responses is the expected minimum for data.

3. Sales and Marketing Alignment

Too many companies have a disconnect between their sales and marketing department. Communication between sales and marketing teams is vital to maintaining focus and goals. The sales team must provide feedback from customers to the marketing team and the marketing team must remain open and flexible to changing campaign strategies. Additionally, marketing must communicate to sales, detailed information on how leads are being acquired, what audiences are being targeted, and the marketing message.

The account-based management software must offer a solution for both departments to communicate and synchronize information. Additionally, it must include a solution for collaborative work and allow for combined data for greater transparency into what actions to take next.

4. Marketing Automation

While account-based marketing appears to be a very personalized approach, realize it is difficult to scale campaigns without using marketing automation platform. ABM software needs automation solutions, so business owners focus on the macro level strategies and run the other aspects of their business. Personalizing for one potential client at a time is impossible as clients multiply.

The best marketing automation solutions offer automated campaigns through multiple channels, based on the actions of each individual prospect. For example, if a prospect views a piece of content, an email expanding on the content topic is sent to that prospect. ABM software needs to be dynamic while also allowing for automation.

These are just some of the most important feature items to look for in account-based marketing software. While the price of various platforms is a point of consideration for businesses, focusing on the software features organizations need is the priority.