Don’t Make These 4 Email Marketing Mistakes

Email is still a highly effective form of Internet lead generation, especially for B2B marketers. To drive the most responses, click-throughs, and conversions, companies need to ensure they are avoiding the following mistakes:

1. Poor design

Don’t use clashing colors or out-of-date stock images. If the design of the email isn’t appealing, recipients will immediately delete it without reading the message. Instead, vibrant emails featuring current product images are more effective, according to Entrepreneur. All emails should be consistent with the brand image and other collateral available through the website.

2. Sending the same email to a massive list

While email gives marketers the potential to reach a large audience quickly, companies still need to target their communications. This used to be the only technique email marketers had available to them, but now most platforms allow companies to segment their databases to create emails with higher relevancy. The more information businesses have about their customers, the more accurately they can segment, target, and personalize offers.

3. Bombarding customers with messages too often

If marketers send out multiple emails each day, customers will quickly get annoyed and unsubscribe from the list, which reduces the company’s potential sales. Some firms try to send more emails in hopes of closing more deals, but this isn’t effective. Email frequency should only be changed based on customer preferences, Practical eCommerce said. Some email platforms allow subscribers to define how often they want to receive messages, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly. Marketers should always adhere to these preferences.

4. Irrelevant information

Even if the email design and frequency don’t scare prospects off, the content in the message needs to be tailored and relevant to keep customers engaged. Sending off-base content can alienate subscribers who feel like their needs aren’t understood.

Marketing automation improves email campaign success

The negative impacts of these email marketing mistakes can be avoided with an online marketing system. Marketing automation can segment a database to ensure the same message isn’t being sent to everyone. Certain times of day are more effective for open rates, and these platforms can schedule communications to be sent at a particular time. Additionally, marketing automation facilitates the process of creating emails so the design can always reflect a unified brand image.

With relevant content targeted at specific customer segments and powerful marketing automation platforms, campaigns can be more successful.