Using Marketing to Benefit B2C Companies

Although Internet marketing methods are becoming more common in many industries, chief marketing officers are having a hard time proving the value of campaigns to other executives. Data is playing a larger role in business decisions, and marketers are being challenged to demonstrate the results of their campaigns, according to The CMO Survey, a study of 410 marketers.

Only one-third of CMOs said their companies could quantitatively demonstrate the results of their marketing spending, particularly when it came to social media campaigns. Despite this, marketing teams are expected to increase investments in digital marketing. Additionally, many companies are planning to add marketing analytics.

Consumer-facing organizations can benefit from implementing marketing automation in a number of ways. When many companies consider these platforms, it’s because of the capability to automatically send out marketing communications, but they have a number of other features, including the following:

1. Analytics tools

Since marketers are constantly being asked to prove the results of their campaigns, marketing automation can help teams track metrics and measure performance. Many companies do not have the capacity to measure marketing results, and this is becoming a more pressing problem as the significance of big data grows, Forbes said. While monitoring campaign performance can seem like rocket science, executives are increasingly looking to the marketing team to draw in more revenue.

2. Social media integration

Social networks are becoming a critical cornerstone of marketing campaigns, but it’s difficult to measure return on investment. And social media can quickly turn into a time-consuming activity for a marketing team. Marketing automation can help companies set up a social media posting schedule without Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn taking up too much of employees’ time, according to an article in Business 2 Community. While automation isn’t the answer to all social media problems, especially when it comes to responding to customer service queries, but it can make posting on these networks more efficient.

3. Add consistency to marketing campaigns

Marketers can detract from their own results if materials don’t have a consistent look and feel. An online marketing system can help teams create and send branded emails and other communications. In many consumer-facing industries, branding has a big impact on customer perceptions, so it’s important to stick to a unified company image.

Marketing automation adds value to B2C campaigns

Since marketing teams are now responsible for running a larger portion of the sales process, they need tools to help them succeed. Companies need to monitor their marketing performance to prevent campaigns from running off the rails. With social media and other digital channels, it can be difficult to identify problems before they are significant unless marketers are using a platform that allows them to track key metrics. By gaining a better understanding of campaign performance, marketers can maximize ROI and improve Internet lead generation. Marketing automation can do a lot more than just sending emails to B2C companies.