Improve Your Mobile Emails with These Tips

Whether your organization is trying to generate a higher number of B2B leads or carry out a martial arts marketing campaign, there’s no denying email is a successful tool for attracting new clients. However, marketers in all industries need to start accounting for the rapid rise of mobile. Email is one of the most common activities smartphone owners do with their devices. In fact, mobile email opens have been predicted to pass desktop emails by the end of the year, according to Marketing Land.

This recent increase in mobile email use means marketers need to consider their mobile experience and make improvements to campaigns. Recipients are likely to delete messages that don’t display correctly on their smartphones and tablets, and some may even switch brands after a consistently poor mobile experience. Mobile email still presents a challenge because most messages aren’t optimized for different-sized screens, and users need to enlarge images. In many cases, buttons are too small, and this contributes to a negative experience.

Improve mobile emails for better Internet lead generation

Optimizing messages for mobile viewing can help you reach your target audience on the devices they use most. Entrepreneur offered the following tips to create better campaigns:

1. Subject lines are more important than ever

Marketers need to quickly grab attention when recipients are viewing messages from mobile devices. A compelling, descriptive title can be the deciding factor in whether recipients open or delete messages.

2. Calls to action need to be visible and obvious

Having a clear call to action applies to any form of online marketing. However, there is less space in mobile emails. Email subscribers may not want to scroll down on their smartphones to find the call to action. Additionally, smaller links can be difficult to click from a mobile screen.

3. Don’t place the unsubscribe button too close to the call to action

Since there is limited space in a mobile email, marketers need to ensure they aren’t placing the primary call to action near the unsubscribe link. If a recipient tries to click the call to action and accidentally taps the wrong spot, he or she can end up opting out of further emails.

There’s no doubt email can still attract new business, but marketers need to consider mobile email design so they can consider producing effective content.