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Each year, there is consistently great interest in predictions for what lies ahead, including the latest marketing trends. What’s hot? What’s next? This interest is increasing… and since it’s that time again, we are presented with an opportunity to take a closer look at customer lifecycle tactics in order to determine marketing trends for the new year.

To inform our thinking on marketing innovation, we are always interested in hearing the points-of-view of ‘hands-on’ marketers in business who run digital marketing activities, to get their input regarding the most important trends. Some of those factors are reflected in the following chapters.

  1. The Brand Factor
  2. The Content Factor
  3. The Social Media Factor
  4. The Video Factor
  5. The SEO Factor
  6. The Email Factor
  7. The Mobile Factor
  8. The Automation Factor
  9. The Metrics Factor
  10. The Call Tracking Factor