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As not all products, customers, and industries are the same, it makes sense to create marketing approaches that are tailored to fit the unique blend of product, customer, and industry needs.

Industrial automation products solve unique problems for a very specific market segment. If you are a marketer, product manager, or sales manager tasked with the job of increasing revenue for your industrial automation product, understanding how to market your products is a critical first step.

This eBook reviews the product, the customer, and the purchasing process, and it provides some guidance for industrial automation marketers. It also makes the argument that marketing automation is an essential tool for success in industrial automation product marketing.

Table of contents:

  • Chapter 1: The Product
  • Chapter 2: The Customer
  • Chapter 3: The Purchase
  • Chapter 4: The Purchasing Process
  • Chapter 5: Attracting New Prospects
  • Chapter 6: Converting Prospects to Leads
  • Chapter 7: Marketing Automation
  • Chapter 8: Marketing Don’ts and Things to Avoid
  • Summary