Advanced Call Tracking Tips from Best-in-Class Marketing Agencies

The world of marketing has changed significantly in many ways just over the past few years, with much of that being accredited to the Internet. As a result of the overwhelming popularity of social media, advertising mediums such as Google Adwords and the proliferation of mobile devices, online marketing has become a sector that simply cannot be ignored by private businesses, large corporations or fledgling marketers. In fact, it has been suggested by more than a few leading marketing entities throughout the world that businesses now must have at least some kind of online marketing strategy in the wings. However, that being said, traditional platforms and mediums cannot be forgotten, as there are still a myriad of customers that prefer to contact businesses directly for additional information.

A great many number of tracking tools exist within the realm of online marketing, designed to help analyze where customers are coming from, what they are searching for and what exactly is attracting them. When discussing the merits of a traditional phone-based system, robust marketing analytics is not readily available – if at all – and in most cases it is not even possible to collect the data. This situation is overwhelmingly unfortunate because a modern and evolving business requires access to data such as this at all times.

Call tracking is the solution here, as with multiple sources, it’s vital that businesses are able to assess and understand where a majority of calls are coming from. This is an extremely vital element of a successful marketing campaign because knowing where leads originate and how many have been generated is equally as important as knowing how much traffic a business website boasts – or how many successful clicks a particular advertisement has been garnering. This is all information and data that can be implemented to hone a formidable marketing strategy… and more importantly, can be used to understand a customer base.

Put succinctly, call tracking enables measurement of marketing campaign effectiveness, and in so doing allows users to adjust focus for superior performance. Topics covered in the white paper include:

  • Call Forensics Determine Context and Relevancy:
    • Know where the call originated
    • Understand the context of the call
    • Determine if the call is a valid lead (ie. wrong number)
    • Determine if the call is a genuine opportunity
    • Determine if the caller can be segmented for further nurturing
  • Saving Money with Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)
  • Improve Engagement and Conversions with Local Number Display
  • Reduce Time-to-Answer with Call Routing
  • Supplement Google Analytics Data