The ActiveDEMAND Agency Partner Program

The ActiveDEMAND Agency Partner Program allows marketing agencies to scale their businesses without worrying about selling software to their clients or juggling software packages. Agencies that enroll in the ActiveDEMAND Agency Partner Program are provided with a simple subscription model that allows the agency to grow at a rate that is right for the Agency and does not tie an agency to long-term contracts nor pay for technology that is not being used.

The Agency Partner program has two status tiers:

  1. Agency Starter
  2. Agency Gold Partner

Each status tier is a unique combination of technology and fee structure.

Pricing Structure
For Your Agency
$20 / month

portal account
At the Agency Starter tier, you only pay $20/month for your marketing agency portal. This portal account is packed with features:

  • Full white labeled login account (custom domain, custom branding)
  • Full CRM for your agency (unlimited seats)
  • An appointment scheduler for every employee in your business (get rid of Calendly)
  • Unlimited user logins for your portal account
  • Advanced task management/project management system for your agency
  • Plus, everything that is listed below in the Agency Reporter package for your agency

For Your Clients

À la carte

(per account pricing)
At the Agency Starter tier, pricing is À la carte for your client accounts. You only pay for the accounts you use. There are no ‘membership’ fees, you pay for the packages you use, and that is it.
  • Unlimited account templates
  • Campaign variables for all campaign types
  • Unlimited training sessions for agency staff
  • Unlimited dashboard templates
  • Unlimited campaign templates
  • Unlimited staff accounts (no per seat pricing)
  • Unlimited automated report templates
  • Unlimited landing page templates
  • Unlimited email templates
  • Complete white labeling of infrastructure (your brand, not ours!)
  • No annual commitments
  • Unlimited client user accounts ( no per seat pricing )

We keep it simple for you, no contracts, no annual fees. If you lose a client, you stop paying for the account, it is that simple

Client Packages
Pricing Structure
For Your Agency
$799 / month

portal account
For Your Clients
(unlimited SBM client accounts)
db capacity increases:
$10 per 1000 contacts/month

Agency Partner pricing is very simple. We upgrade your agency portal to the Corporate Marketer package,  and give you unlimited client accounts (enhanced Small Business Marketer packages).  You pay only for the database contact capacity across your inventory of accounts. That is right, month to month, no annual contracts , no per client pricing. Full automation for every single client you have, big or small! 
Includes everything at Agency Starter status plus :

  • 1 Corporate Marketer account
  • Unlimited Enhanced Small Business Marketer client accounts
  • Read/Write lead processing workflows on all client accounts
  • Content moderation enabled on all accounts
  • 10k consolidated contact db capacity
  • Additional Corporate Marketer packages @ $100 per account / month
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Stop Selling Tools
Start Selling Results

If you are selling tools to your clients, you are giving your clients the ability to end your relationship. Instead of selling tools to your clients, bring the tools required to drive results for your clients. ActiveDEMAND has a fantastic partnership program that enables you to have the right tools for any client engagement.

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5-star Reviews by GetApp

"I was looking for something different, a competitive advantage for my agency. We are trying to be leading edge and I find ActiveDEMAND provides that to us. I highly recommend trying out the software and seeing how it can help grow your agency.

Kevin Wilhelm, President, POD Marketing