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ActiveDEMAND integration with Pipedrive CRM

Fill Your Pipedrive CRM with Leads Generated using ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive to form a remarkable marketing and sales power-platform

Now managers and users of Pipedrive CRM can supercharge the application with ActiveDEMAND – an integrated marketing automation platform. Just like Pipedrive is designed for small and medium sized businesses, so is ActiveDEMAND.
"At Pipedrive we have taken great pride in our developer friendly approach to extending Pipedrive’s capabilities. Many top notch vendors have taken advantage of our integration program. ActiveDEMAND’s integration adds a powerful set of marketing automation tools to the Pipedrive arsenal." Steve Oriola, CEO, Pipedrive

Start with defining what a “lead” is for your sales team

Ask six people to define a lead and you’ll get six different responses. Everyone is different and has their own requirements. That is why ActiveDEMAND provides a wizard that enables you to easily define what a lead means to you. Is it title based? Based on location? Maybe it is a series of completed call-to-actions? With ActiveDEMAND you define a lead and the system will watch for them. When a lead is generated, you’re alerted and so is Pipedrive.

Use ActiveDEMAND to drive awareness and leads

ActiveDEMAND compliments Pipedrive by enabling you to execute effective marketing campaigns to build brand awareness and generate leads that turn into Pipedrive opportunities. ActiveDEMAND gives you access to email campaigns, landing pages, drip campaigns, autoresponders, web forms, surveys, templates, call tracking a lot whole lot more.
Marketing with ActiveDEMAND

Generated leads can be found in Pipedrive

The pain of trying to sync your marketing leads with your sales CRM are eliminated when using Pipedrive with ActiveDEMAND. Leads can be automatically ported into Pipedrive. Alternatively, leads can be distributed via email to your sales team who can then “claim” the lead with one click of a button. Once the lead is “claimed” it is automatically pushed into Pipedrive and assigned to the associated sales person.

Use configurable workflows in ActiveDEMAND to automatically move a contact through specific Pipedrive stages

Phone Call Tracking Automation

The fun doesn’t stop once you generate a lead with ActiveDEMAND. ActiveDEMAND is constantly communicating with Pipedrive to move prospects through your sales funnel. A whitepaper download may indicate an early funnel lead, yet a quote request is a later stage deal. Let ActiveDEMAND automate the deal progression. Did your deal close? Have ActiveDEMAND automatically stop a drip campaign. ActiveDEMAND + Pipedrive, a fully integrated sales and marketing automation solution.

Manage Your Sales Appointments

ActiveDEMAND is a full featured appointment scheduling system. Stop using a ‘contact us’ form, upgrade to “Book an Appointment”

Appointment Scheduling

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