Zoom Meetings Integration

Drive leads with Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings is seamlessly integrated with the ActiveDEMAND appointment scheduling system. Zoom Meeting integration with ActiveDEMAND makes appointment scheduling video conference calls simple. Automatically add Zoom video conference details in your meeting invitations and save time and reduce missed meetings.

Ensure People Show Up for Your Zoom Meetings!

Meeting with your partners and prospects is critical to business success. Getting your Zoom Meetings scheduled and ensuring people to attend the scheduled meetings is the first step to business success. With the ActiveDEMAND appointment scheduling and Zoom Meetings, you can let marketing automation tools do the administrative tasks involved with keeping appointments. Let ActiveDEMAND give your clients the opportunity to cancel a meeting ahead of time to ensure you do not show up to a meeting with a client who is not there! Fully automate the reminders to your clients. All of this automation is possible with ActiveDEMAND.

With ActiveDEMAND Appointment Scheduling you can use your meetings to drive your business!

  • Automatically create Zoom Meetings links and video conference details
  • Link the schedule directly with your Google Calendar
  • Link the schedule directly with your Office 365/Outlook Calendar
  • Connect more than one calendar … your office schedule AND your personal calendar
  • Automatically follow up with the attendees to ensure no one misses an appointment
  • Create a custom appointment scheduler for every sales person in your company
  • White labeling available for all schedules!
  • FULL control of the look and feel and structure of your appointment booking intake landing page
  • FULL control of the intake web form
  • Build your marketing database automatically, and market to the your contacts with included email marketing software
  • Track whether or not your client actually opens the appointment reminders!
  • Track the website visits of your client … see if they are actually researching your solution

Schedule a Meeting: The New Form Fill

It is becoming more difficult to get a form fill on a website. Contact Us is no longer a great Call To Action (CTA) as people typically do not trust the vendor to respond. If you give your prospects the opportunity to schedule a time, there is an implied commitment between the vendor and the prospect to meet at a very specific time. This type of conversion builds the trust between the prospect and the vendor.

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5-star   Reviews by Capterra

"We've been using ActiveDemand for over a year and have been very pleased with the results. It was easy to import our existing contacts into the database and build email campaigns targeted to our specific needs. The staff excels at customer service, guiding us through any questions we have and responding to our needs within a very short time period."

Gary Caffey, Marketing Manager, DTE