White Label Marketing Software

Grow your company with your brand.

At ActiveDEMAND, we want our partners to succeed and a big part of that is making it easy for digital marketing agencies and SaaS partners to white label our platform and put their brand front and center. We offer affordable pricing to partners who want to use our platform with a number of their clients and they can fully rebrand the platform.

  • Fully white label your Marketing Agency, Franchise, SaaS business, or multi-client company
  • Put your brand front and center, ActiveDEMAND’s brand is completely removed
  • Affordably priced
  • Demonstrate value delivered in your client’s minds every day

White-label client portal.

For marketing agencies and multi-client companies and their clients, the portal can be rebranded. From the first login screen to the URL, to the logo displayed prominently in the top left corner, the experience can be fully customized to your brand. Clients can check their marketing dashboards configured for them and even your employees have a login to a platform with your brand. Easily add new users or new clients using your Agency Marketing Portal.

ActiveDEMAND White-label Client Portal:

  • Easily access client accounts from your master account login
  • Fully white labeled so clients and employees only see your brand
  • Customize the login screen, URL, logo, favicon, and brand colors to your brand
  • Customize marketing dashboards for clients
  • White-labeled login for employees
  • Easy to add new clients

White-label landing page builder.

When building landing pages, it’s essential that the experience continues. Published landing pages use the custom URL and logos you have set up. Your brand automatically appears for every asset you create so you don’t have to repeat the process every time you build a new landing page or form. Personalization is easy on your white-labeled pages with easy-to-build, drag-and-drop dynamic web content that adapts to each visitor.

ActiveDEMAND Landing Page Builder:

  • Easy to use and easy to build with the drag-and-drop editor
  • Uses your custom URL, logos, and brand colors
  • Set up your brand once and it automatically appears in all assets
  • Personalize your landing pages with dynamic web content

White-label email marketing platform.

Emails are a key part of demand generation for many businesses, and it’s critical here that branding continues. Users of your white-labeled ActiveDEMAND platform will find it easy to use the drag-and-drop interface to email their customers. Choose from many email templates that incorporate your brand or create your own branded template series. Send a single email or create a full email nurture campaign all white labeled to your brand. Personalize emails to your targeted reader with dynamic content. The email platform can also send emails from your email address or your client’s email address.

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop email builder
  • Easily build fully white-labeled newsletter, single email, nurture campaigns, and more
  • Many email templates to choose from – immediately incorporating your brand
  • Responsive emails and landing pages
  • Personalize with dynamic fields, variables, and images
  • Add social media and surveys
  • Predictive send so users receive emails when they are most likely to open it
  • Fully white labeled autoresponders

White-label CRM.

Job #1 for a marketer is to “make it easier to sell”. Happy sales team, happy client! If your agency does not satisfy your client’s sales team, your client will leave. Imagine your client’s sales team seeing your brand every single day. With a white-label CRM solution, any discussion of removing your agency would force your client to get approval from their sales team.

ActiveDEMAND White-Label CRM:

  • Dedicated Agency CRM for only $20/month, unlimited users
  • Get sales and marketing alignment with the data all within one fully white-labeled platform
  • Fully branded and white-labeled visual sales pipeline
  • Integrated appointment scheduler with your brand front and center
  • Access and edit deals with one click to open the deal editor
  • Communicate across teams with the integrated Task system

One Marketing Portal. One Toolset. One Brand: Yours!

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"I was impressed by the product capability and the customer service to explain it. I wish I had more time to learn from these guys they are leaders in this industry!"

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