Webinar Promotion and Management

Managing Online Events

More businesses are moving to virtual events. They avoid costly travel, no one needs to spend $15k on a booth for a virtual event, and there’s MUCH better tracking to see if you’re getting your ROI. ActiveDEMAND helps promote and manage webinars and virtual events so that you can perform them with less administration required, and with better consistency.

Integrates very closely with GotoWebinar, including multi-session webinars (and Zoom Webinar integration coming soon.)

Automate Promotion, RSVPs, and Reminder Emails

Webinars can be very effective, but there’s a LOT of administration work. Promotion emails, managing RSVPs, sending reminders to those who have signed up, sending emails afterwards, it’s a lot of work. ActiveDEMAND comes with a webinar recipe that you can customize to your process, then duplicate whenever you want to spin up a new webinar. This drastically cuts the time needed to execute and really helps with consistency.

Create a recipe that includes template emails for:

  • Initial promotion to a select audience
  • Automatic RSVP confirmation
  • Reminders 1 week before and 1 hour before the webinar for those who RSVP’d
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Link to recording for those who signed up but didn’t attend

Webinar Landing Page Setup & Conversion

ActiveDEMAND’s webinar recipe comes with a template landing page where prospects can RSVP for the webinar. The landing page automatically converts from an “RSVP for this webinar form” to a “fill this form out to download the webinar” once the webinar is done and you’ve set the video link. That means that prospects who find links to past webinars still get a valuable page where they can access it. It’s a nice touch that means less broken links and more happy prospects, and it’s super easy to manage.

Multi-Webinar Support

ActiveDEMAND doesn’t only support single one-off webinars. You can also create:

  • Series of webinars that prospects can sign up to (“Getting Started”, “Intermediate training”, “Advanced tips and tricks”)
  • The same webinar in multiple time slots (sign up for Monday at 8:00am, or Wed at 12:00pm, or Friday at 3:00pm)
  • Any combination of the above

If you’re using GoToWebinar, ActiveDEMAND supports enhanced management of recurring webinars.

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5-star   Reviews by Capterra

"We've been using ActiveDemand for over a year. I've been very pleased with the support that we receive from the staff. They are always quick to answer questions. Since we were fairly new to marketing, they are really good to explain concepts and guide us in our efforts. Our business and online presence has definitely improved since we've partnered with them."

Kelly Hicks, Information Technology Manager, DTE