Twitter Integration

With ActiveDEMAND you’ll measure the business you get from Twitter.

Do you want to know how your Twitter marketing is turning into real business opportunities? ActiveDEMAND is the answer. ActiveDEMAND does more than help you manage your Twitter feed, it also includes tracking so you know what “tweets” are driving people to your campaigns and who is converting. Schedule Tweets, add/remove followers to ActiveDEMAND, tag in Tweets, DM followers and more inside ActiveDEMAND. Your boss is going to love your Twitter attribution reports from ActiveDEMAND.

Twitter Integration

Automate Twitter Communication!

ActiveDEMAND is a multi-faceted and powerful marketing tool that allows you to manage all your popular social media marketing accounts from one place. In this day and age of information-in-a-second news gathering and “that-was-so-five-minutes-ago” story reporting, it is good to know you have a place to schedule your posts, manage your followers and leverage the built-in features to promote your products and services to segmented audiences.

Primary Features of ActiveDEMAND’s Social Media Marketing Software:

  • Automate Personalized Direct Messages – Easily set up marketing automation to send direct messages to new followers, lists, or to users with specific keywords.
  • Bulk Import Posts – Bulk import your social and blog posts while setting up a predefined posting schedule, importing your list of posts, and letting ActiveDEMAND do the rest.
  • Support for Major Social and Networking Sites – Because ActiveDEMAND plays nice with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others, scheduling your blog posts, using social posting to drive traffic to your blog, and building a presence on all the social media sites becomes a matter of configuring marketing automation to fit YOUR business.

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5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"ActiveDEMAND is a true partner to DTE. We have enjoyed working with them for the last year. They have made very positive recommendations in our marketing efforts and have helped us grow our business. Their software platform is easy to use and intuitive. I enjoy working with their staff and learning from them."

Kelly Hicks, Information Technology Manager, DTE