Automated SMS/Text Messaging in Campaigns

Bi-directional text messaging.

ActiveDEMAND’s SMS/Text Messaging capability gives marketers a reliable method with a high exposure factor to get in-front of people with their brand, products and services. ActiveDEMAND makes it easy to set-up and execute drip campaigns that include SMS to drive conversions.

Use a text message to remind prospects about an upcoming meeting.

Sick of scatterbrained prospects and clients that forget meetings? Have your meeting automation text them a reminder an hour before the meeting is supposed to start. Automatically include useful information like when the meeting starts, include a link for them to join your GoToMeeting or Zoom call, or include a Google Maps link to your office.

Text messages can be a good reminder about emails as well: “Have you read our most recent email about ____?”

Create inbound text messaging contests.

“Text #IWin to 555-555-5555!”, ActiveDEMAND supports inbound text messaging as well, so you can use it for contests, to send a coupon to a customer, send them a link to Google Maps, and more. For more info on inbound text messaging, check out our blog post on running a text-in campaign with ActiveDEMAND.

No extra equipment or platforms required.

For all these, we can supply special tracking/campaign phone numbers, and we have SMS/Text message workflow and automation built-in. You can report on it and see the results in campaigns.

With the continuous rise in mobile phones, SMS campaigns are a must-have in any marketer’s toolbox. Start your ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking account for free today!

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"When choosing a marketing automation system, it is important to think of what exactly you want it to do. I think no matter what you are hoping to get out of a marketing automation platform, you can achieve it with ActiveDEMAND."

Linda B., Marketing Advisor