ActiveDEMAND Phone Features

ActiveDEMAND calling features bring the phone into the 21st century.

ActiveDEMAND’s built-in call tracking platform integrates the phone with marketing. With our features, you can:

  • Get local and toll-free numbers for use in marketing campaigns
  • Use Dynamic Number Insertion to connect website visitors with phone calls
  • Build an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to route calls to the right place
  • Get built-in tracking and reporting
  • Record, transcribe and post incoming calls automatically to your CRM
  • Filter calls based on length, where they’re coming from, what keywords were said on the call, and more

Local and toll-free phone numbers.

Using ActiveDEMAND's built-in phone platform, you can pick new local and toll-free phone numbers to use with your marketing. It takes less than a minute to fire up a new tracking phone number, so it's super convenient.

  • Track offline marketing like brochures, data sheets, and conferences and see how many calls they generate
  • Port your current tracking numbers over to ActiveDEMAND
  • Give your business a local presence with a local phone number

Phone call reporting for marketing and/or sales.

ActiveDEMANDs built-in reporting makes it easy to track phone call performance, see what marketing channels are driving phone calls, and better understand what makes the phone ring.

Because we can also log incoming calls to CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pipedrive, and more, you can save time on manually posting call notes

  • Create live dashboards to track call performance
  • Create scheduled email reports that report on call performance
  • Report on calls from marketing campaigns, channels, etc
  • Track phone calls back to Google and Facebook Ads
  • See what time calls are made
  • Log incoming calls to the CRM

ActiveDEMAND is made for digital marketing agencies. Agencies can white label client reports that provide call tracking details including leads generated from a specific campaign, calls broken down by region, department, and salesperson as well as full attribution reporting.

Phone call transcriptions.

ActiveDEMAND can record and transcribe incoming calls. This is super handy for marketers who want to know if their marketing is driving high quality leads, or if the phone is just ringing off the hook with tire kickers. You can tell what a transcribed call is all about at a glance because of word clouds. Find a call that's interesting, listen in to the recording, and marketers can discover what explicitly drove the call, what objections sales had to overcome, and build better marketing that's more in touch with what Sales needs.

  • Automated tag clouds enable people review a high volume of calls very quickly and drill into specific calls for a deeper analysis.
  • Use call transcriptions to identify which calls would be great for junior salespeople to listen to and train on
  • Use keywords from calls to automatically add prospects to different remarketing lists. They mentioned the "platinum package" on the call? Put them in the platinum package remarketing campaign. The requested a quote on the call? Take them off the general remarketing campaign
Google Analytics for Call Tracking

Call tracking with Google Analytics.

While it’s still considered the most popular analytics tool, Google Analytics does not automatically collect and analyze telephone calls associated with a specific marketing campaign. To evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing initiative, it’s vital to encompass call tracking information… that’s where ActiveDEMAND comes in to play. With ActiveDEMAND call tracking when a number associated with a marketing campaign is dialed the data is automatically recorded in Google Analytics.

  • Track calls to ad campaigns, ad groups, and keywords
  • Automatically log call data into Google Analytics
  • Report on incoming calls, form fills, appointment scheduling, etc all in one place

ActiveDEMAND is made for digital marketing agencies. Agencies can white label client reports that provide call tracking details including leads generated from a specific campaign, calls broken down by region, department, and sales person as well as full attribution reporting.

Automated robocalling software.

Automated Calling, despite all of its negative connotations, is an effective way to communicate when done right and that is where ActiveDEMAND comes in. With automated calling, you can communicate the right message to the right person at the right time.

  • Either use the text to speech or use a recorded MP3. We think the MP3 route is way better.
  • Remind people of upcoming appointments
  • Send out event cancellation notices
  • Automatically remind customers about overdue invoices
  • Let customers know about service interruptions
  • Notify staff of changes and communications
  • Automatically manage do-not-call lists
Phone call Nurture

Call recording.

Want to know if inbound calls are any good? Automatically record incoming phone calls using ActiveDEMAND's call recording feature and you can check.

  • Record calls that can be shared and listened to later
  • Automatically let callers know that the call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes. Either record your own message or use the text to speech feature
  • Use recordings for performance reviews with salespeople
  • Make sure sales is saying the right things on calls

Call recording is one of the least expensive ways to protect companies from expensive lawsuits. If you’re in an industry where miscommunication has serious consequences, call recording helps mitigate litigation.

Automated call redirect.

With ActiveDEMAND, you can use rules and filters to decide how to automatically route incoming phone calls.

  • Connect incoming callers directly to their account manager
  • Route calls based on the GEOIP lookup of the user (great for regional salespeople)
  • Redirect calls based on a campaign
  • Ring phones round-robin
  • Ring a group of phones where the first person who picks up gets it
automated call redirect


CallForensics™ takes the already robust ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking platform to the next level. Unlike other call tracking solutions that just count calls, ActiveDEMAND CallForensics™ analyzes conversations that happen on the call. The enhanced call tracking conversation analysis capabilities automate the process of categorizing and scoring calls based on the purpose of the call, what was discussed during the call, and what products and next steps were discussed during the call.

  • Record, transcribe, and post incoming calls automatically to your CRM
  • Filter calls based on length, where they're coming from, what keywords were said on the call, and more
  • Tag or target prospects based on what was said in the call


ActiveDEMAND Click-to-Call is simple to add to any website. The click-to-call capability enables web visitors to simply enter their phone number and click a button to connect with a live person. There is no waiting for a call-back so leads stay fresh.

interactive voice response

Interactive voice response (IVR).

“Press 1 for sales”, “Press 2 for marketing”… and so on. If this sounds familiar then you know what an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is. With ActiveDEMAND, you’ll easily configure an IVR with a free call tracking account. Why would you want to? It’s proven that IVRs get the ‘right’ phone to ring. Get customers and prospects connected to the right person or department quickly. ActiveDEMAND IVRs are very versatile and accommodate multiple office locations as well as help businesses build a local presence anywhere in the world.

  • Route calls based on user input, automated filter rules, or both!
  • Stop robocalls from polluting call reports: they won't get past the IVR
  • Add a touch of professionalism and better handle high call volumes

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