Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Drive better leads with Appointment Scheduling.

ActiveDEMAND has a built-in appointment scheduling system that helps get more prospects and customers to self-book.

Often booking a meeting can be viewed as a lower friction conversion than a quote request, download a trial, or buy now! Unlike other online booking applications that just harvest a contact, ActiveDEMAND’s appointment scheduling software can be used to kill the anonymity of a web visitor. ActiveDEMAND collects anonymous visitor data across multiple visits, and when an appointment is booked, ActiveDEMAND associates the booked meeting with the anonymous visitor data!

Automate appointment bookings.

No other online appointment scheduling application gives you full automation control. All email engagement is tracked. Full SMS/robocall reminders are at your fingertips with the ActiveDEMAND workflow builder.

ActiveDEMAND online software allows you to control how your meetings are scheduled. Control your availability, both by setting global settings and by linking to your business calendar. Control length of the meetings as well as the spacing. ActiveDEMAND has a full workflow editor for building the timing of the responses

Appointment Scheduling Availabiltiy
Google Calendar integration

Integrates with everything you use.

ActiveDEMAND integrates and enhances the tech you already use including:

  • Google Suite (Gmail, Google Calendar)
  • Office 365/
  • GoToMeeting
  • Zoom

So you can use ActiveDEMAND to book in-office meetings and video call meetings, and we book it right into your salespeople’s calendars. It’s like each salesperson has their own assistant helping them book meetings and remind prospects and customers about upcoming meetings.

Auto remind prospects about the upcoming meeting.

Don’t get stood up! ActiveDEMAND can automatically remind your prospects about upcoming meetings. Send them an email 1 day before, a text message 1 hour before the meeting, and if they STILL forget to come to the meeting: automatically remind them to rebook! Build the automatic reminders that make sense for your business.

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5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"ActiveDEMAND templates are awesome. I like that I can configure different base brands and then apply the brand to my email campaigns, landing pages, autoresponders, etc. The branding helps keep things consistent and looking great. The call tracking feature is also very good. I am able to get more insight into what marketing campaigns are generating phone calls versus those that are not. The reporting is very robust so I can see how my efforts are impacting the bottom line."

Jennifer Owen, VP of Sales & Marketing, WRA