Scale Your Marketing to Multiple Brands

ActiveDEMAND nurture campaigns, call tracking, appointment scheduling

Multi-location marketing made easy.

ActiveDEMAND has some of the best support for multi-tenant businesses like marketing agencies, senior living providers, franchises, and other businesses that need to manage and market for multiple different sub-accounts and brands. This means they can deploy emails, landing pages, and forms that dynamically change for each location they’re being sent for, changing logos, brand names, and more.

Marketing centrally from one location.

ActiveDEMAND makes it easy to access sub-accounts from your master account and manage messaging centrally for many different sub-brands, eliminating the need to jump from account to account.

Ramp up campaigns more efficiently with account templates you can quickly clone and onboard new clients. The ability to clone campaigns and other assets between sub-accounts reduces the amount of time having to start each campaign from scratch.

Know your marketing is working.

With different sub-accounts all sending marketing campaigns, attribution is important. You need to know where those leads are coming from, even if the overlap of webpages and sub-brands is complex. ActiveDEMAND has fantastic reporting with “Roll-up reports” widgets that include data from multiple subaccounts. This makes it easy for agencies, franchises, senior living, and other multi-tenant businesses to boast about their lead generation with up-to-date, actual client numbers. Show off how many leads were generated for clients in the last 30 days, last year, or other time range!

Here are some example reports and what you can do with them:

  • Usage summary: to make it easy to check contacts or call tracking usage on sub-accounts
  • Calendar campaign emails: to compare email newsletter performance between multiple sub-accounts
  • Workflow campaign performance rates: to compare drip campaigns between accounts. Very handy if you deploy similar drip campaigns for multiple client accounts.
  • Goal performance: for high-level performance comparison
  • Revenue performance: for high-level revenue comparison
  • Appointments booked: which sub-accounts are taking the most meetings
  • Form submits: which sub-accounts are getting forms filled
  • MQLs generated: which sub-accounts are generating the most leads

Control your lead distribution.

With multi-tenant businesses, the need to manage and distribute the incoming leads appropriately is even more important. Maybe you have many different locations, or perhaps your salespeople have a specific sales focus? Whatever your lead distribution needs, ActiveDEMAND has incredibly flexible lead management and distribution features, so it’s easy to make the system fit business processes.

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Maxime Guillaumot, Global Sales and Marketing Executive, 3D-P