Quickly Create, Deploy, and Track Microsites

Quickly create new microsites.

ActiveDEMAND provides marketers with a complete microsite solution. Creating a microsite for lead generation, marketing campaigns, competitions, product launches and more has never been easier. Using the drag-and-drop interface marketers create highly customized microsites with no programming is required.

Product-specific microsites.

If you have a new product or service that you want to create a microsite for, ActiveDEMAND can be your quick solution to spinning up a site. ActiveDEMAND’s microsites are not limited to a single page. Marketers have the option to create a multi-page navigation menu and microsites automatically generate a search engine compatible XML sitemap for easy indexing and SEO.

ActiveDEMAND nurture campaigns, call tracking, appointment scheduling

Perfect for lead generation.

An ActiveDEMAND microsite helps marketers bring a laser-focus to their marketing campaigns: no need to include “the kitchen sink” for navigation. In turn, marketers will see not only more conversions but also higher qualified leads. That makes everyone happy. If you need to generate leads, allow users to apply for a beta program, or signup users for a launch announcement, ActiveDEMAND’s built-in automation and tools will help nicely.

Behind every ActiveDEMAND microsite, there is a complete integrated marketing automation platform. What this means is adding forms, configuring autoresponder emails, setting up drip campaigns, tracking conversions, and more is built-in right from the start.

Save time and money on launch.

Microsites on ActiveDEMAND’s technology are quick to launch. No additional web servers are needed, and marketers can build pages without a web developer required. Best of all marketers have 100% control over layout and copy of which can be modified quickly without a drawn-out process. ActiveDEMAND microsites are not just for specific marketing campaigns. Some marketers choose to use an ActiveDEMAND microsite as their main business website. ActiveDEMAND enables users to configure their own domain.

Use Dynamic Website Content to drive conversions.

Multiple buyer personas? No problem! ActiveDEMAND microsites can use ActiveDEMAND’s real-time segmentation and dynamic content so you can keep your microsite nice and tight, AND personalize with additional info once the system detects what kind of buyer is on the site. Adapt the website to the website visitor instead of the other way around! Many marketers today try to get the visitor to fit the site; why not have the site automatically adapt to the visitor? With ActiveDEMAND, dynamic content automation has never been easier!

Deploy one or many microsites.

When you need to build one microsite, or many, getting the content published quickly is a requirement. The faster you get your sites live, the faster leads are produced. With ActiveDEMAND’s rapid build environment you can have your media live quickly and efficiently. With built-in web forms and autoresponders all in one place, you never have to leave the build environment. With other tools in this space, you have a page builder, a separate email builder, a separate logic builder, a separate form builder. With ActiveDEMAND, all of the tools are in one place! Do you need to build microsites for several clients? Clone existing microsites in ActiveDEMAND across client accounts!

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5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"It is a great tool for online marketing. Specifically, the call tracking capabilities are outstanding. We needed a solution that not only tracked and routed calls, we needed a solution that would help us drive our marketing initiatives. The Email marketing, landing pages, website visitor tracking, and social posting capabilities are added bonuses for us. ActiveDEMAND has all of the marketing tools in one package. Outstanding!"

Susan Feddema-Leonard, Executive Director, Willmore Wilderness Foundation