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marketing funnel builder

Best Marketing Funnel Mapping Tool to Visualize and Build Marketing Funnels

The ActiveDEMAND Funnel Builder visualizes campaign funnels and maps the customer journey to instantly show clients and stakeholders how your strategy will work and how all the pieces fit together. With ActiveDEMAND’s Marketing Funnel Builder:

• Build campaign marketing funnels fast and easy
• See all components of a campaign, how they are connected, and the proposed customer path
• Get everyone from clients and stakeholders to sales and marketing teams on the same page with one easy-to-use editor
• Know what marketing channels are working with real-time metrics and optimize marketing channels, landing pages, emails, and more right within the editor
• Share real-time analytics and reports of campaigns with clients and stakeholders to demonstrate campaign ROI and marketing value

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Build Marketing Funnels that Really Work

The drag and drop editor makes it easy to add marketing channels, create and publish landing pages, and campaigns to the funnel map to instantly see and understand the customer journey. Landing and confirmation pages appear in the workflow so you know exactly what you are working on. Making changes and adding updates to campaign elements is done right within the editor. No more clicking between campaigns, landing pages, or emails. You can build funnels that include:

  • Complex decision logic
  • Sources like Google Ads, Facebook, and more
  • Landing pages
  • Automation that happens after the form submit
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Know Which Channels are Driving Revenue

With data overlay, get real-time metrics of how each marketing channel is performing and know how many visitors, MQLs, and Sales are being driven by each channel. Now you can see which marketing channels drive the most traffic, how they interact with landing pages and emails, where MQLs become Sales and the revenue they generated.

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Get Real-time Analytics & Reporting

Demonstrate to clients and stakeholders which marketing channels and campaigns are driving their business with a campaign summary of analytics and reports that highlight campaign KPIs, revenue attribution, and funnel attribution. Now make educated recommendations about performance and how to improve based on real campaign data with powerful charts and graphs.

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Easy-to-Use Editor

Eliminate jumping between platforms and work more efficiently. Toggle easily between the campaign funnel map and the campaign workflow. The drag-and-drop editor makes adding new elements to the funnel quick and easy. Click elements like landing pages to open and make changes without leaving the whiteboard window. It is all done within the ActiveDEMAND workflow editor.

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5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"We switched from Act-On to ActiveDEMAND for a number of reasons. But the thing that truly separates ActiveDEMAND from all the others is their level of service and the lengths they go to ensure your company's success."

Aaron Z, President, SprayCan Group

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