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ActiveDEMAND Funnel Analytics Platform

Know How Campaign Channels are Performing with
Marketing Funnel Analytics

ActiveDEMAND’s Marketing Funnel Analytics is a visual tool that gives you access to campaign metrics in a format that reflects user journeys. Quickly understand how each marketing channel is performing, where the bottlenecks are, and what stages of the customer path are delivering. Finally, a tool that allows you to see which marketing channels drive results, how customers interact with landing pages, and prospects become customers (and the revenue generated!).

Engaging Results

Instead of sending a static pdf report, share a live marketing funnel analytics report. Just like the one embedded below. Click on any page bubble below!
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Stop dumping stats on your clients, give them a report that they want to engage with!

Embedded Live Funnel Analytics Report

Instantly See Visitor Flow

With Funnel Analytics, you can now see which marketing channels are the most successful at bringing in visitors, the number of visitors to your landing pages, how many filled out your forms, and how they travel through the customer journey. Funnel Analytics gives you the flexibility to zero in on the metrics in the steps you care about. Select the visitor metrics of all the steps within your campaign, or individual steps – the choice is yours. Whichever method you choose, you will get an overview of the number of visitors on each connecting wire and know which path is the most productive for marketing success.

With funnel analytics, you can now see which marketing channels are the most successful at bringing in visitors

Separate Leads from the Traffic

Your marketing channels are bringing in tons of traffic and that’s great but are those prospects becoming Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)? Funnel Analytics does and the metrics are displayed instantly in the Marketing Funnel View. Simply click the analytics bubble on each connection to display the number of MQLs created at each step of the buyer journey.

Visualize Revenue Attribution

Demonstrate to clients and marketers which marketing channels and campaigns are driving revenue attribution with Funnel Analytics. Each wire connection automatically shows the revenue generated so you know at a glance which channels are the most successful. Optimize and troubleshoot campaigns identified by bottlenecks and channels that aren’t converting as they should.

Demonstrate which marketing channels and campaigns are driving revenue and ROI with Funnel Analytics.
funnelbuilder analytics

Know Who Is Engaging

Stop dumping stats on clients. ActiveDEMAND’s Funnel Visualization shows you who is engaging. Demonstrate to clients and stakeholders which marketing channels and campaigns are driving their business with page drill-down summary reports. Show analytics that highlights the campaign KPIs, revenue attribution, and funnel attribution right within the funnel editor window. Now make educated recommendations about performance and how to improve based on real campaign data with powerful charts and graphs. Not only that, drill down to the actual customers!

Mobilize Your Team with Tasks

Communication is key between team members and getting everyone in your marketing and sales teams on the same page is vital to clean campaign execution. Get everyone working together when you use tasks within campaigns to:

  • Assign team members
  • Add details and notes
  • Create a checklist of action items
  • Upload files
  • Assign due dates
  • Have conversations with your team about campaign changes with comments
  • Review changes made and see all past interactions in the history panel
  • Assign associated contacts, associated organizations, and associated deals
  • See open, in progress, and completed tasks in the Kanban
Get everyone working together when you use tasks in Funnel Analytics
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5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"ActiveDEMAND is a true partner to DTE. We have enjoyed working with them for the last year. They have made very positive recommendations in our marketing efforts and have helped us grow our business. Their software platform is easy to use and intuitive. I enjoy working with their staff and learning from them."

Kelly Hicks, Information Technology Manager, DTE