LinkedIn Integration

Manage, post, and track LinkedIn posts.

ActiveDEMAND has great integration with LinkedIn, allowing for:

  • Auto-suggesting images and excerpt text for sharing articles to LinkedIn
  • Scheduling posts to LinkedIn from ActiveDEMAND
  • Auto-tracking links and traffic from LinkedIn

Automatic creation of LinkedIn posts.

If you want to share an article, blog post, or page from your website to LinkedIn, ActiveDEMAND makes it easy. Grab the URL of what you want to share, paste it in ActiveDEMAND, and it’ll automatically find relevant images that you can pick from for the post and suggest some text to share. You still review and edit the post before posting immediately or scheduling it, this just makes it super quick to share.

Schedule LinkedIn posts.

ActiveDEMAND makes it easy to schedule out weeks or months of content to share out on LinkedIn. ActiveDEMAND enables you to schedule your LinkedIn posts by organizing and tracking all posts in one place, whether you post content on a daily basis or are executing a specific marketing campaign.

You can even create an Excel sheet with a bunch of future posts and import that sheet into ActiveDEMAND to slowly post to LinkedIn over time.

Better LinkedIn tracking.

ActiveDEMAND also automatically creates tracked links for all your LinkedIn posts – what this means is through the use of ActiveDEMAND dashboard reports, you’ll know exactly what your LinkedIn marketing is doing for your business. Need to know what is driving traffic to your website? What is turning into conversions? What is generating leads? ActiveDEMAND can provide all the answers.

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