LeadBoxer Integration

Power your real-time personalization with LeadBoxer Integration.

LeadBoxer provides real-time personal and company intelligence on actionable data points like location, job title, company size and technology products. LeadBoxer and ActiveDEMAND together enables marketers to personalize and adapt website content, online ads and other marketing assets based on individuals enriched data, behaviors and actions.

leadboxer integration

Empower Dynamically Adapt Landing Pages!

You can have your landing pages and website adapt dynamically to the behavioral segment of the visitor … LeadBoxer data coupled with anything that ActiveDEMAND has collected on the prospect historically determines the content rendered! Each visitor gets customized personal experience! In the example below, the landing pages are dynamically adjusting to what the visitor has searched before the ad click.

Case Study



5-star   Reviews by TrustRadius

"We've been able to position our product line better by creating webinars, resource documents, blog postings. This has helped to convey to our customers that we really are knowledgeable and experienced."

Kelly Hicks, Information Technology Manager, DTE