Lead Scoring, Distribution, and Claiming

Automate your lead management.

ActiveDEMAND supports sophisticated lead management to better connect your marketing and sales teams. ActiveDEMAND can score leads based on what they do, distribute leads based on the best salesperson for the job, and ensure sales accountability through a lead claiming process. And best of all, we integrate with all the cool CRMs and can send leads right into them without any copy and pasting.

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Deliver higher quality leads with custom lead scoring

ActiveDEMAND Lead Scoring Software allows marketers to track prospect behaviors and web activity, so they can determine the prospect’s level of engagement and their fit with the desired customer profile. Data on both factors is needed for truly, qualified sale ready leads.

ActiveDEMAND empowers marketers to gather essential details and customize the weighting applied to leads based on common denominators – who is ready to buy or have advanced down the sales funnel. Having a clearly defined, discreet criteria both sales and marketing agree on is critical to proper alignment.

Flexible Lead Distribution

Once the marketing department has generated the lead, it’s time for sales to take action.

ActiveDEMAND has very flexible automation on how leads are distributed. You can have a “Glengarry Glen Ross” lead list, you can distribute them evenly to the team, there are lots of options. Distribute leads to sales based on:

  • Sales territories
  • Round robin
  • Sales activity (whoever makes the most calls/sends the most emails, gets the leads)
  • Whoever is the hungriest
  • Other custom data from the CRM
  • and more

Lead Claiming to Increase Sales Accountability

One option in ActiveDEMAND is to use our lead claiming system. This enables salespeople to claim leads as their own with 1 click, and have that lead data automatically get added to the CRM. You can automate alerts for leads that are not claimed, ensuring that no leads “slip through the cracks”.

Lead Reporting

Marketing needs to know which leads turn into customers so they know which channels to put more effort into and which ones to stop. ActiveDEMAND’s lead reporting ties into your CRM, so you get great data right from the source. You can report on all the steps in the lead funnel and get clear insight into how your marketing drives the business forward.

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