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ActiveDEMAND works natively with Google Analytics to both add better details to Google Analytics, and pull reporting back into ActiveDEMAND. ActiveDEMAND will automatically push campaign and call tracking data into Google Analytics. For advanced dashboard reporting, marketers add widgets to ActiveDEMAND reports that pull data directly from Google Analytics.

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As ActiveDEMAND is a visitor tracking platform, it is important to note that ActiveDEMAND data is never mixed directly with that data which is collected by Google. Custom Google Analytics widgets present Google collected data without interpretation or modification by ActiveDEMAND. ActiveDEMAND does not store data accessed from Google Analytics, nor does ActiveDEMAND present Google Analytics data as being collected by ActiveDEMAND. Google presents anonymous visitor aggregate data whereas ActiveDEMAND presents visitor specific tracked data.

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"With ActiveDEMAND, everything is in one spot and integrated. We can easily see what marketing campaigns are working and what needs to be adjusted."

Jennifer Owen, VP of Sales, White Room Automation

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