Google Ads Integration

Better conversion data for Google Ads.

ActiveDEMAND can provide better, cleaner conversion data to Google Ads. Because ActiveDEMAND tracks phone calls, form submits, appointments, webinar registrations, and more, you get a more complete understanding of conversions. ActiveDEMAND can post conversions directly to Google Ads using the GCLID, or it can post through Google Analytics and then you can import the conversions to Google Ads, it’s up to you and how your agency likes to do it.

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Targeting based on the buyer journey.

ActiveDEMAND can cleanly and more accurately detect where a prospect is in the buyer’s journey. You can then expose contact lists to Google Ads and target prospects based on where they’re at in the buyer journey.

This enables better targeting for users where you can swap in different CTA’s based on what you want the prospect to do next.

Get Google Ads info on new prospects.

Wouldn’t it be neat to see what keyword, ad group, and campaign drove a new prospect to convert? You can see that with ActiveDEMAND! A quick ValueTrack template change to an account and you’re off to the races.

This REALLY helps in reporting the value of your ad campaigns to clients because you’re able to describe it in a way they understand. “Hey, that million dollar deal from last month came from Bob searching “Wizzlegigs in Atlanta” on Google, clicking our ad, then going to your site”.

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