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Require a form fill to download file

Have files that are so good, you want someone to “pay” with their name, email and phone number? The “Gated Files” feature inside ActiveDEMAND enable marketers to require prospects hand over info to get access to files. Turn your best assets into lead generation funnels.

How it works

The ActiveDEMAND Resource Paywall does not require any technical expertise. It’s as easy as clicking “new resource” and loading your document. When users visit the link and ActiveDEMAND does not who they are, they will be presented with a one-time contact form. Once submitted the user gets instant access to the protected resource.

The link to the asset can only be used once. If users charge the URL of the protected asset with others, new users will be required to complete the online form. ActiveDEMAND’s Resource Paywall is a simple and very effective way to build your contact database which can then be nurtured into sales-ready leads.

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William Griffiths, Business Development, Top Draw