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Franchise marketing made easy.

ActiveDEMAND allows centralized franchisor marketing teams to work with distributed franchisees and give them the tools they need to succeed. It’s easy for franchisors to offer up a great marketing package to get franchisees on their feet including:

  • Consistent template websites
  • Template email campaigns and drip campaign sequences
  • Centrally approved email and text message content
  • Dynamic content that helps drive customers to the right local franchise

ActiveDEMAND delivers better control for Franchisors and great features for Franchisees.

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Account Templates to add new franchises at scale.

Create brand profiles and let your team apply them to your campaigns. With ActiveDEMAND users will quickly create marketing communication campaigns while maintaining a consistent brand.

New franchisees can be created from a template account, so it’s easy to spin up new franchises that have lots of the standard campaign recipes that work for your niche. This makes new franchise onboarding MUCH faster. You’ll get them up and running in less time, making your new franchisees happier and more successful.

Central Control or Arm’s Length Away

Franchise accounts can be created and controlled centrally, with some privileges flowing down to franchises, or you could choose to have franchisees setup their own accounts from a pre-defined template. It’s entirely up to you.

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5-star   Reviews by TrustRadius

"We've been able to position our product line better by creating webinars, resource documents, blog postings. This has helped to convey to our customers that we really are knowledgeable and experienced."

Kelly Hicks, Information Technology Manager, DTE

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