Facebook Integration

Post, track, and re-target with Facebook

ActiveDEMAND has great integration with Facebook, allowing you to schedule posts, auto-tag links to track, and create retargeting lists.

  • Auto-suggesting images and excerpt text for sharing articles to Facebook
  • Scheduling posts to Facebook from ActiveDEMAND
  • Auto-tracking links and traffic from Facebook
  • Creating Custom Audience lists in ActiveDEMAND that you can target in Facebook Ads
  • Integrating Facebook Lead Ads so FB leads are sent directly into ActiveDEMAND

Automatic creation of Facebook posts.

If you want to share an article, blog post, or page from your website to Facebook, ActiveDEMAND makes it easy. Grab the URL of what you want to share, put that in ActiveDEMAND, and it’ll automatically find relevant images that you can pick from for the post and suggest some text to share. You still review and edit the post before posting immediately or scheduling it, this just makes it super quick to share.

Schedule Facebook posts.

ActiveDEMAND makes it easy to schedule out weeks or months of content to share out on Facebook. ActiveDEMAND enables you to schedule your Facebook posts by organizing and tracking all posts in one place, whether you post content on a daily basis or are executing a specific marketing campaign.

You can even create an Excel sheet with a bunch of future posts and import that sheet into ActiveDEMAND to slowly post to Facebook over time.

Better Facebook tracking.

ActiveDEMAND also automatically creates tracked links for all your Facebook posts – what this means is through the use of ActiveDEMAND dashboard reports, you’ll know exactly what your Facebook marketing is doing for your business. Need to know what is driving traffic to your website? What is turning into conversions? What is generating leads? ActiveDEMAND can provide all the answers.

Better custom audience lists for Facebook ads.

With customer lists in ActiveDEMAND, you can put the full-court press on prospects using many channels, including Facebook Ads using their Custom Audience List feature. ActiveDEMAND can expose lists that you can then target inside your Facebook Ad account.

With ActiveDEMAND you can dynamically adapt ads to the stage of the buyer journey your prospect is in. If your prospect has signed up for a trial, advertise a support session. If they have have purchased your product, automatically move the customer into an upgrade advantages ad campaign so you can stop advertising “buy now” to people who have already bought!

Integrate Facebook lead ads.

You can put Facebook Lead Ad leads automatically into ActiveDEMAND. This is handy for distributing leads to sales, centrally tracking leads, and for nurturing Facebook Leads that might not be ready for sales to handle them just yet.

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5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"ActiveDEMAND allows us to deliver very specific marketing messages to our customers and easily measure their response. This enables us to tailor our messaging based on real data. All of this without breaking stride in delivering serve to our customers."

Ryan Plester, Administrator, WRA