Email Marketing Features

ActiveDEMAND nurture campaigns, call tracking, appointment scheduling

Comprehensive email marketing automation.

Many email marketing applications only provide the features needed to create and send email campaigns. With ActiveDEMAND email marketing features, users get all the tools needed to make their email campaign successful including landing page wizards, call tracking numbers, newsletters, surveys, and more.

Email drip campaigns.

ActiveDEMAND’s email drip campaigns feature is very powerful and easy to use. These drip campaigns can automate the most common email sequences you use in your business.

  • Powerful drip campaign builder
  • Add waits, decisions, and other steps to build out a comprehensive drip campaign
  • Trigger drip campaigns based on almost anything
  • Build out goals for each campaign

Learn more about our email drip campaign feature here.

Example Drip Campaign workflow

Predictive email send.

ActiveDEMAND tracks when users are active: browsing your website, reading your emails, and more. You can use this information to send your emails when your prospects are active.

  • The system tracks contacts to determine when they’re most active
  • Send emails at the right time of day when each prospect is active
  • Send emails on the days your prospects are the most active
  • Do both: send emails at the right day and the right time of the day for each individual prospect

This individualized method of sending email works great if you send 1 email campaign out to multiple prospects over different time zones because it’ll be more likely to get the email “at the top of the inbox”.

Fast, simple setup.

ActiveDEMAND offers many features designed to make setting up email campaigns as fast and as easy as possible. Setup wizards, email templates, drag-and-drop editor, image library, dynamic variables, multiple brand support, and much more. Spend more time on content and creative and less on building the assets.

  • Drag and drop asset builders
  • Email templates
  • Responsive emails and landing pages
  • Landing page templates
  • Landing page designer
  • Image hosting library
  • URL shortener
  • Brand management

Newsletter campaigns.

An ActiveDEMAND eNewsletter campaign is simple to set up. Create your own or select from the template library. Add your newsletter’s images and copy, schedule a send date and time, select your email database, and you’re done. Knowledge of programming or web design is not necessary.

Easily add on Tweets, WordPress blog posts, Facebook posts, and Linkedin posts to go along with your newsletter.

More than emails.

There is more to email marketing than simply sending emails and tracking open and click-thru rates. ActiveDEMAND not only provides powerful email campaigns, but you can also seamlessly schedule in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram posts, dedicated landing pages, autoresponders, follow-up surveys, and more.

  • Social Media Posting
  • Dynamic images
  • Campaign Templates
  • Newsletter Templates
  • Surveys
  • Hosted Landing Pages

Audience and list management.

Your contacts and prospects are more than just an email. ActiveDEMAND’s database provides comprehensive contact and organization information – name, company, title, email addresses, phone numbers, and more. ActiveDEMAND also maintains a full timestamped history on each contact – emails opened, webpages visited, forms filled out, addition/removal from audience lists, and much more. All this information is easily query-able to create audience lists, decide which version of an email to send, even the best time and day to send it!

  • Contact Database
  • Easy email opt-in/out management
  • Contact Lists – both dynamic and static
  • Real-time segmentation queries. (More than just tags!)
  • Optimized Email Deliverability (SPF, DKIM)
  • Built-in options to meet GDPR, CASL, and other regulations

Email marketing automation and more.

Create powerful personalized email campaigns that can automatically determine the right email to send at the right time. ActiveDEMAND provides automation for email follow-up, call tracking, phone/text campaigns, and more. Plus the goal-setting features allow you to decide exactly what determines success in your campaigns.

  • Email campaigns
  • Dynamic fields, variables, and images
  • Predictive, smart send delivery
  • Advanced Goal Setting for Campaigns
  • Autoresponders
  • Call Tracking numbers
  • MMS/SMS Text Campaign Scheduling
  • Automated (Robo) Calling

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5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"ActiveDEMAND delivers fresh leads to my inbox daily. Starting every day with information of people that have actually looked at our site gives me a great starting place to do research from the information provided by Active DEMAND."

Brian Diiulio, Vice President of Sales, QDS Systems