Dynamic Website Content

Drive website conversions with personalized dynamic web content.

As marketers know, clear call-to-actions are an important ingredient of any website. ActiveDEMAND’s Dynamic Website Content system is similar to your current call-to-actions only smarter. When you use ActiveDEMAND Dynamic Website Content you’ll see a lift in conversions which means you’re getting more from your existing traffic.

Dynamically optimize landing pages with dynamic web content.

Are you running pay per click campaigns? You can have your landing pages and website adapt dynamically to keywords searched before the ad click, the ad group, visit type, geo IP location of the visitor … anything that ActiveDEMAND has collected on the prospect historically! Each visitor can have a customized experience! In the example to the right, the landing pages are dynamically adjusting to what the visitor has searched before the ad click. With ActiveDEMAND dynamic web content you can:

  • Customize landing page content based on ad keyword search
  • Use GEO-IP location data to dynamically change the location-specific messaging
  • Target competitor keywords, adapt the landing pages to focus the complete strategy on the landing page

Leverage real-time behavioral segmentation

Your prospect’s path along the buyer journey is varied. Why is your web content and ads? Instead of asking your prospect to do something they have already done, help the prospect solve the problem they are currently trying to solve. Use ActiveDEMAND’s Real-Time Behavioral Segmentation to drive your dynamic content automatically!

With ActiveDEMAND Dynamic Content you can simply skip the download form for those visitors already in your marketing database. No need to collect information twice which makes for a better user experience. With ActiveDEMAND, marketers have complete control over the Dynamic Content style and layout. Choose a template from a library or create your own using ActiveDEMAND’s drag-and-drop interface.

Dynamically deliver personalized content to WordPress.

Online marketing isn’t about how prospects interact with your website, rather, it is how your website interacts with visitors. With ActiveDEMAND and the ActiveDEMAND WordPress plugin, you’ll deliver personalized contextual content to your visitors that they want to see and avoid displaying irrelevant information. Conversion rates increase dramatically if you have the right content based on the buyer profile, stage of the buyer journey, visitor’s location, etc. Dynamic Web Pages with ActiveDEMAND; it has never been easier! ActiveDEMAND’s dynamic content is injected server site, thus it can be seamlessly embedded alongside static content.

ActiveDEMAND Plugin for WordPress

Website screencaps.

Capturing website screencaps is useful in prospecting: Imagine you’ve got a list of 100 prospects that you want to sell website redevelopment to. You upload the list to ActiveDEMAND, add them to the “website redev campaign”, and ActiveDEMAND automatically goes out and grabs images of all their websites and adds them to the contact. Now you can use that image in marketing communications: email, your website, etc, to try to convince the client to redevelop their website.

“Is it time to improve clientsite.com?”, your marketing asks, with a small screenshot of the prospect’s website next to it.

Reporting: Beyond attempting to sell, website images can also be used in reporting. Scheduled reports with client website traffic, leads, and a screencap of their website can add a nice personal touch.

Try it yourself:

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5-star Reviews by GetApp

"I was looking for something different, a competitive advantage for my agency. We are trying to be leading edge and I find ActiveDEMAND provides that to us. I highly recommend trying out the software and seeing how it can help grow your agency.

Kevin Wilhelm, President, POD Marketing