Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Reduce Call Tracking Costs

Track what marketing makes the phone ring

With Dynamic Number Insertion, when a user visits your website, the telephone number on your website will dynamically change and be associated with their session. Track and collect specific data such as pages visited, their name, location, and more!

Beyond the basic DNI functionality, ActiveDEMAND has advanced features such as:

  • Pick which countries or areas to perform DNI on, and which don’t need it
  • Send an email to sales after an inbound call starts and include
    • Which webpages the visitor has seen already
    • How they got to your website
    • and more

How does Dynamic Number Insertion work?

  1. ActiveDEMAND enables you to register a pool of telephone numbers right inside the platform. The quantity of telephone numbers in your pool will depend on the amount of traffic you receive to your website. The average small business website typically needs about three telephone numbers.
  2. Once you have your pool of telephone numbers, you simply input the telephone number you’re currently displaying on your website into ActiveDEMAND.
  3. Now whenever someone visits your website, the telephone number on your website will dynamically change and be associated with a web visitor’s session.
  4. When the web visitor picks up the telephone to call, they call one of the dynamic telephone numbers and two things happen. First, they automatically get forwarded the number you specify and, second, all the data associated with the user gets logged into ActiveDEMAND.
Dynamic Number Insertion from ActiveDEMAND
1. Automated DNI Pool Analysis

How many phone numbers do you need in your DNI Pool?

Don't worry about it, ActiveDEMAND's DNI Pool Analysis will tell you! We'll start with an estimate based on website traffic, but later refine based on real phone usage.

  • Continuous DNI pool monitoring lets you know if you need more phone numbers, or if you could save some money and use fewer

Country Specific Local Call Tracking Number Insertion

ActiveDEMAND’s country specific number insertion enables marketers to advertise country specific phone numbers on their website. International companies appearing to have a local presence in regions throughout the world significantly increases their ability to business in specific countries. ActiveDEMAND makes it easy.

  • Worldwide expansion made easy
  • Customers don't have to dial international numbers, they can call local
1. Country Specific Number Insertion

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"We switched from Act-On to ActiveDEMAND for a number of reasons. But the thing that truly separates ActiveDEMAND from all the others is their level of service and the lengths they go to ensure your company's success."

Aaron Z, President, SprayCan Group