Dynamic Email Content Increases Engagement

Personalize your emails with dynamic content.

ActiveDEMAND Dynamic Email Content is all about displaying the right message to the right person. For example, your management prospects are going to need a different message than technical prospects. Whether it’s personalizing email content, dynamic images, or sending targeted emails based on individual contact information, ActiveDEMAND helps you deliver the right message.

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Increase your email open and click-through rates.

With ActiveDEMAND dynamic email content, you’ll instantly see a lift in your email performance rates. Create an email message for your segments all within one campaign and let ActiveDEMAND do the delivery work. For example; promote local branches based on GeoIP, drive prospects to different clothing style webpages based on gender and/or age range, send targeted messages based on the title, etc.

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Better data means better-targeted marketing.

ActiveDEMAND dynamic email content is ideal for marketers to manage multiple products or have a long sales cycle. ActiveDEMAND already collects tons of metadata for each contact in your marketing database. With ActiveDEMAND custom fields, users can supplement contact data with whatever additional data they choose. This data is then used to easily and quickly segment messages using conditional versioning. When the right message is delivered to the right person everybody wins.

Personalize your dynamic email images.

ActiveDEMAND Dynamic Email Images allow you to target subscribers based on geo-ip location, email user agents, and more! Better targeted graphics gets a person’s attention and that’s good for conversions.

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5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"ActiveDEMAND delivers fresh leads to my inbox daily. Starting every day with information of people that have actually looked at our site gives me a great starting place to do research from the information provided by Active DEMAND."

Brian Diiulio, Vice President of Sales, QDS Systems

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