Conversion Rate Optimization, Persona, and User Journey Optimization

The right tools for optimal performance.

ActiveDEMAND provides the right tools for agencies that perform CRO for clients:

Analysis tools with anonymity stripped away so that you can develop data-driven personas and user journeys AND use example prospects inside your reporting.

Targeting and personalization so that you can deploy the right message to the right person at the right time on email, website, and more.

Unmatched personalization = better conversion rates.

Many marketing channels are annoying if done in bulk without any personalization, but fine if you’re delivering relevant information. Most people hate popups unless they’re showing super relevant information. With ActiveDEMAND, we can use many user signals to trigger relevant content that is laser-focused and high converting. Use dynamic content in popups, dynamic blocks, dynamic email content, text messages, and more and crank that CRO up.

Analysis tools to put the data back into your marketing strategy.

Getting data and relevant examples into marketing strategy deliverables like personas and user journeys is hard. ActiveDEMAND makes it easier to develop data-driven personas and user journeys. It's also much easier to add in relevant examples:

"Bob from Acme searched Google for 'mechanical typewriters'. He clicked on a Google Ad, landed on our mechanical typewriter category page, compared a few different versions, checked shipping price, and then left because shipping cost too much."

These relevant examples help provide a narrative that clients can easily follow. It makes it easier for clients to come to the right decisions, like offering free shipping on those mechanical typewriters!!

All the customer data in one place.

ActiveDEMAND is ideal for marketers to manage multiple products or have a long sales cycle. ActiveDEMAND already collects tons of metadata for each contact in your marketing database. With ActiveDEMAND custom fields, users can supplement contact data with whatever additional data they choose. This data is then used to easily and quickly segment messages using CRO. When the right message is delivered to the right person everybody wins.

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5-star   Reviews by TrustRadius

"When choosing a marketing automation system, it is important to think of what exactly you want it to do. I think no matter what you are hoping to get out of a marketing automation platform, you can achieve it with ActiveDEMAND."

Linda B., Marketing Advisor