Buyer’s Journey Remarketing

Enhanced retargeting based on the buyer’s journey.

Many marketers use ad retargeting or remarketing to show targeted ads to visitors who have previously visited their site.  This works fine for simple scenarios where first time visitor does not convert, sees a retargeted ad, completes the call to action goal and the ad no longer appears. However, for longer sales cycles that require more steps in the buyer’s journey, ActiveDEMAND can do so much more.

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Automated behavioral segmentation software for retargeting advertising.

Stop bothering your prospects, or even worse, your clients with seen poorly executed ad retargeting ads? Use automated behavioral segmentation to serve journey stage-specific ads! Take control of your ads with ActiveDEMAND buyer’s journey remarketing. With ActiveDEMAND you can adapt the ad audience to the buyer signals and state changes in the buyer journey!

Get the benefits and avoid the traps of remarketing!


Automated Facebook custom audiences.

While Facebook can drop visitors who completed a conversion or a goal out of an audience campaign, ActiveDEMAND can automatically move prospects to the Facebook Custom Audience that matches the current stage of their buyer’s journey.

Automated Google Ads customer match audiences.

Automate the process of pushing your custom audience to Google for retargeting. No more uploading CSV files!!

Automated AdRoll custom audiences.

Stop advertising to people who purchased. Drive stage-based messaging automatically!

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5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"We now have a much more efficient marketing machine. The lead comes in and is automatically fed into our automated system. It's excellent."

Cameron Martel, Director, POD Marketing

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